Tasting Thai(land)

Popular foodie blogger Lorraine Elliott of Not Quite Nigella shares her insights and experiences for how to dine in style when visiting Thailand.

What have been your best epicurean experiences in Thailand? 

The focus is mostly on street food when I visit Thailand, but there are some great culinary experiences like Nahm by [Australian] chef David Thompson at the Metropolitan by COMO. Also the abundance of seafood means that chefs excel at cooking it and we recently had a gorgeous seafood dinner on the beach at Zeavola on Phi Phi Island.


What is one thing that you can’t go past ordering when you visit Thailand? 

I absolutely love kanom krok, which is a crispy-edged coconut cake with a soft, custardy coconut centre.


Thai cuisine has been praised not only for its varied flavours, but also for its high nutritional value. What is your favourite healthy Thai dish? 

Definitely green papaya salad. I prefer green papaya salad to the mango one. I was told that it’s what people eat if they want something delicious but healthy. The best part about it is that it doesn’t taste overly healthy, as it is full of flavour.


How does food tie in with how you practice health and wellness? 

I try to balance my diet so that when I have something indulgent, I’ll follow it with something healthy so that they (hopefully) balance out in the end! What I like about Thai food is that portions aren’t enormous, as I like to try lots of different things.


What Thai dish would you recommend people can cook to impress when entertaining at home and why? 

I think people always seem to love a good green curry. And it’s not so hard to make your own green curry paste at home.


What are notable luxury hotel/resort restaurants for you in Thailand? 

In Bangkok I really like the Metropolitan by COMO and Oriental Residence. In Phuket I like the Evason and SALA. In Hua Hin, I found the Cape Nidhra Hotel to be stunning. 


What is your most valued memory from travelling through Thailand? 

The wonderful new friends made there and the food we ate together.

Lorraine Elliott of Not Quite Nigella | supplied


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Cool season in Thailand ranges from November to February, making it the best time to visit, as the dry climate is preferable to the humidity and heat common to the mid-year months. Times to avoid include April, the hottest month of the year, and from July to October, which is monsoon season. Humidity during this time averages 90% and flooding is common.


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