A new barefoot luxury hideaway

Bawah Private Island is luxury with a strong eco conscience.

The summer of 2017 will bring the opening of luxury destination Bawah Private Island, two hours from Singapore. The island is accessible via ferry from Singapore to Batam, then a private plane ride to Bawah. The 300-acre island encompasses 13 beaches and will offer 35 villas, allowing a maximum of 70 guests total. Guests will be able to choose from Beach, Water or Garden villas, each type overlooking a different landscape.  

A treetop Club House will be available to guests and include a yoga pavilion, infinity pool and spa offering local treatments. Adventure activities include snorkelling in the surrounding waters and hiking through the lush rainforest.

The site will be an ecological destination, with the conservation of the island at its focal point. Heavy machinery is not permitted so mechanical processes like recycling stones and breaking boulders for building material will be performed manually. Both fishing in the lagoon and pesticide use are banned here to allow the natural organisms to flourish. The finishings of the villas are made from indigenous materials such as recycled bamboo that are also sustainable. The opening of the resort follows an announcement at the Asia Clean Energy Summit stating that Bawah will be the first of many Southeast Asian islands to be powered through renewable energy based micro-grids. 




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Weather to go

Due to the range of geography across Indonesia local climates vary, though generally the hills and mountains are colder than the rest of the country's more tropical climate.  There are two monsoon seasons in Indonesia, and individual islands are impacted differently during each season.  The months of April and October are the transition times, when winds are light.  The best time to travel falls between these months, though rainfall and winds will still be expected.

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