Europe’s first underwater restaurant to open in Norway

The sleepy Norwegian village of Baly will soon be home to a European first – an underwater restaurant, half-sunken five metres into the sea. Aptly named Under, which translates to wonder in Norwegian, the restaurant will offer diners front-row seats to the cold-climate marine life of the coast. Guests will enter on the shore level, surrounded by the breaking waves of the tide pool, before descending into the semi-submerged champagne bar, marking the transition from land to ocean. Diners will reach the seabed for their meal, soaking up panoramic views of the surrounding marine life while eating locally sourced seafood such as cod, lobster, mussels and truffle kelp, prepared by Danish chef Nicolai Ellitsgaard Pedersen.

The concrete exterior has been specially designed to attract mussels. This will create a water-purifying artificial reef that will contribute to the marine ecosystem and attract diverse marine life, ensuring there is plenty to see from the restaurant’s floor-to-ceiling windows. The restaurant is due to open in early 2019.





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