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Weather to go

The South Pacific islands enjoy a tropical climate all year around. From November to April temperatures are at their hottest and most humid, with the weather cooling and becoming dryer from May to October. The islands closer to the equator (Samoa, Tuvalu, Solomon Islands) tend to be warmer than island that are further south (Tonga, Fiji, Cook Islands). The official hurricane season occurs from November to April however global warming is greatly impacting all islands in the south. This means that the dry season and wet season are no longer as specific as they once were and weather patterns are becoming increasingly erractic.

New Zealand’s climate is largely temperate, and in some places the weather can go from one season (e.g. sunny) to another (e.g. rainy) in the space of a day! The inland alpine areas can be as cold as minus 10 degrees celsius and snowy in winter (June - August), and the ski season begins in June, running through September and sometimes into October. 

High season is during summer, from December to February, with temperatures between 20 and 30 degrees celsius, and the UV rays are strong - best to pack sunscreen if you’re travelling there in summer.


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