This Ice Cream-Themed Hotel Room is Another Reason to Visit Finland

Valio Sweet Suite at Klaus K Helsinki
Valio Sweet Suite at Klaus K Helsinki

The Sweet Suite comes with a freezer stocked with as much ice cream as you can eat…

I scream, you scream, we all scream… well, you know how the rhyme goes, and if ice cream really does get you as excited as it suggests, then you’ll want to hold onto your hat because an ice cream-themed hotel room is about to open in Helsinki.

Why, you ask? We wondered the same thing. The concept, unsurprisingly the first of its kind in the world, is a collaboration between Finnish dairy company Valio and design hotel Klaus K Helsinki, located in the heart of Helsinki. Tomorrow, 1 March, the delicious, fairy floss-coloured ice cream suite will open as the Valio Jäätelöfabriikki Sweet Suite, named after Valio’s ice cream brand, and will be available to stay in through to September.

Guests staying will get to enjoy all-you-can-eat ice cream from the fully stocked in-room freezer along with a bunch of other ‘sweet’-themed perks, like a “Sweetest Movies of all times” film playlist, a “Sweetest Spotify songs ever” music playlist and a bathtub along with plenty of bubblebath to really get the party started.

Interior designers Anna Pirkola and Kirsikka Simberg are behind the design of the fun suite, which is a feminine, Nordic-style cocoon splashed with various shades of pink and decked out in 1930s-era vintage furnishings.

“Valio Jäätelöfabriikki aims to make you happy. To many, ice cream is a break from the daily grind. We wanted to create a small, surprising experience around delicious ice cream. This luxurious hotel suite and our beloved ice creams are a match made in heaven,” said Valio’s ice cream business manager. We tend to agree, and it seems Finns do, too – they consume the most ice cream in Europe per capita, making Helsinki a natural choice for an ice cream-themed suite.

The Sweet Suite opens on 1 March, and will close at the end of September.

Now, who’s hungry?

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