British Airways to Launch New and Improved First Class

British Airways First Class

The improvements to First Class will include a new line of amenities and a stronger customer experience

In celebration of its centenary year British Airways is investing 12.2 billion AUD into improvements for First Class customers, incorporating new bedding, luxe amenities and updated menus.

From 31st March First Class passengers will experience new male and female lounge wear designed by Temperley London and amenities bags designed by Ultra Smart Pro-Collagen will be provided to guest. Inside, female passengers will find Cleansing Micellar Ffacial Wipes, Soothing Apricot Facial Wipes, Pro-Collagen Rose Mist, Ultra Smart Pro-Collagen Mmatrix Moisturiser, Ultra Smart Pro-Collagen Eye Cream, Hydra-Nourish Lip Balm, Sea Lavender and Samphire Hand Cream and Fortitude Deodorant. For the gents, Ultra Smart Pro-Collagen Eye Cream, Ultra Smart Pro-Collagen Matrix Moisturiser, Cleansing Micellar Facial Wipes, Skin Soothe Shave Gel, Fortitude Deodorant and Hydra-Nourish Lip Balm will be on offer.

All First Class guests can enjoy updated menu options using fresh seasonal ingredients and an all new a-la-carte menu as well as a traditional British high tea along with a selection of sandwiches, pastries and scones and tea infusions. All meals will be served on new bone china crockery designed by British tableware William Edwards, while drinks will now include fine wines and champagnes, soft drinks and various other spirits, served in Dartington glassware.

The airline has also upped the ante on its rest and relaxation time with an improved turndown service with new 400 thread count bedding, foam fibre mattress toppers and new blanket and bolster cushions. Guest can also now choose from over 1,000 hours of programs available on inflight entertainment channels with the added boost of high resolution audio and high performance headphones.

British airways will be investing 6.5 billion GBP over the next five years into new aircraft, new cabins, catering, new lounges, WiFi and new flight paths.

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