Cathay Pacific Opens Yoga & Meditation Space in Business Class Lounge

Cathay Pacific The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary by Pure Yoga is the latest wellness collaboration between Cathay Pacific and the Hong Kong-headquartered Pure Group

Cathay Pacific has opened an all new yoga and meditation centre located in The Pier, Business – the airline’s business class lounge at Hong Kong Airport. The Sanctuary by Pure Yoga is the latest collaboration between Cathay Pacific and the Hong Kong-headquartered Pure Group following the January 2018 launch of ‘Travel Well with Yoga’, a series of inflight videos to help passengers ease into their journeys with meditation and yoga.

Cathay Pacific General Manager of Customer Experience and Design, Vivian Lo, said the wellness space has been created in response to the demand for more health and wellness experiences by Cathay Pacific customers. “Wellness is becoming increasingly important to our customers and The Sanctuary by Pure Yoga in our Pier Business Class lounge is the perfect place to relax before a flight,” she said. “We listen to the needs of our customers and continuously evolve to improve their experience with us.”

The Sanctuary by Pure Yoga is made up of two areas – the Body Sanctuary, dedicated to practising yoga, and the Mind sanctuary, dedicated to meditation.

The Body Sanctuary provides travellers a space to rejuvenate and unwind with gentle, stretching exercises. For those new to yoga The Body Sanctuary provides guided videos led by Pure Yoga instructors. Travellers can also utilise the secluded areas for self-led yoga sessions or use the seated stretching appliances.

In the Mind Sanctuary travellers are offered two styles of meditation. The audio meditation invites travellers to sit on a cushioned pod to rest, put on noise-cancelling headphones connected to an iPad and begin a guided meditation led by Pure Yoga instructors. The second meditation option, gazing meditation, involves relaxing in comfortable cushions and looking at graphics placed on the wall ahead in a practice known as Trataka yoga.

The Practices in both the Body and Mind Sanctuaries help to improve focus, memory, visualisation skills and aid in centering the mind to create a state of awareness and attention.

“We’re delighted to extend this fantastic partnership between Pure Yoga and Cathay Pacific, giving people even more chance to feel the benefits of yoga and meditation on their travels. No matter how rushed the trip is, just a few minutes of calm can make all the difference,” Pure Group Regional Marketing Director Gary Wise said.

The Sanctuary by Pure Yoga is open to travellers who have access to Cathay Pacific The Pier, Business at Hong Kong Airport, as well as Diamond, Gold and Silver Marco Polo Club members. Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon First and Business Class passengers will also be able to enjoy the new offering. Additionally, Diamond and Gold Marco Polo Club members arriving in Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific or Cathay Dragon flights are given complimentary one-day access to any Pure Fitness centre or a choice of any Pure Yoga class up to 12 times a year.

Cathay Pacific The Sanctuary
Cathay Pacific The Sanctuary

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