Aman Resorts Introduces Spiritual Sister Brand, Janu

Janu Montenegro Serviced Residence with Pool

The new hotel brand “with a soul” comes with a goal to rekindle human interaction and foster connection

With properties hidden in the middle of a 32-hectare forest in Japan, a restored ancient village in China, and stretching out of a dusty desert in the States, Aman Resorts are renowned for their minimal-luxe aesthetic, inspired by the unique environment in which they exist. Now, Aman has announced the launch of a new concept – Janu, a sister brand which “aims to deliver harmony through the dynamic balance of opposites. While Aman is all about the sanctuary, Janu is about connectedness,” according to the company’s announcement.

So what does that mean, exactly?

“The overlap between Aman and its sibling is mutually beneficial; together they offer a total solution for the fluctuating needs and desires of today’s global travel cognoscenti,” explained Aman Chairman and CEO Vladislav Doronin. “With today’s modern fast-paced society, which has seen human connection and communication redefined by the digital world, we wanted to create a new hotel brand with a soul and with the aim of kick-starting human interaction again.”

With ‘Janu’ translating to ‘soul’ in Sanskrit, it’s fitting that at the core of the hotel concept is a focus on the mind and body, and the coming together of both. The brand lives under an ethos of embracing the dualities that life brings – work and play, head and heart, yin and yang – and the belief is that when one acknowledges and accepts opposing elements, total relaxation and restoration can be achieved. Janu, then, aims to instil an environment for kindred souls to come together, to learn and to restore.

Three Janu hotels are already under construction, with each designed to play with the concepts of light and space. While large guest rooms offer the private relaxation the luxury group is known for, energetic social spaces introduce the new concept’s focus on reconnection.

Dynamic dining opportunities will experiment with concepts like low-temperature cooking, fermentation and theatrical open kitchens, while guests can engage over one-night-only exclusivity and immersive experiences that feed the soul.

Time-conscious and high-octane group classes will be available to guests, as well as more subdued, mindful practices; an expansive wellness spa, too, is set to offer bespoke treatments including cutting-edge hydro and thermal facilities for both solo and group visits.

The three forthcoming Janu hotels in Montenegro, Al Ula in Saudi Arabia and Tokyo are set to open in 2022.

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