The World’s Best Cities for Solo Female Travellers

Solo Female Travel
Solo Female Travel

The cities were chosen by tailor-made travel company Tourlane based on a range of criteria including female representation in local business, legal and gender equality, female safety perceptions, accommodation options and the quality of communication available

It seems girls not only run the world these days but are also running all over it, with the trend in female solo travel continuing to rise in 2020. Cutting out compromises by ditching companions, women are discovering not only new cities and cultures, but a deeper sense of self and wellness from the experience.

An increasing number of women are travelling on their own terms, at their own speed and in their own way, and a range of studies have revealed that this trend for solo female travel is by no means slowing down. Last year, there was a 131% increase in searches for female solo travel, and airport taxi transfer company has recorded over 16,000 searches for the travel style already in 2020.

With interest peaking, women can start packing their bags because tailor-made travel experts Tourlane have just announced the best cities for solo female travellers based on a range of qualified categories. These include female representation in local business, legal and gender equality, female safety perceptions, accommodation options, and the quality of communication available including internet speed and phone data.



The coveted continent holds its claim for a reason. 26 of its cities made Tourlane’s rankings for solo female travel, which was more than any other continent. The highest scoring overall was Ljublijana, the capital city of Slovenia. The small and safe country is easy to navigate and even easier to find adventure. Head to the train station and a ticket will take you to neighbouring Vienna, Dubrovnik, Prague and Budapest, all of which also made the list.

Show-stoppers like London, Paris, and Amsterdam where also given the green light for solo females, along with Ireland’s Dublin, and the Greek capital Athens. Barcelona is another bustling city to consider, with 82.5% of women recording feeling safe walking alone a night.



With laws so tight you can get fined for discarding your chewing gum inappropriately, it’s no surprise that Singapore has been considered one of the safer cities in Asia. Cosmopolitan capital city Kuala Lumpur was also high on the list with a strong sense of gender equality making women feel safe when traveling alone.

Aussies’ favourite, Bali, saw over 5.8 million posts on social media from solo female travellers last year – unsurprising as it increasingly becomes a destination for digital nomads, making connecting with fellow travellers commonplace.



Australia’s Harbour City, Sydney ranked fifth on the list overall, scoring a 9.73 out of 10 in regard to female perceived gender equality. Just across the ditch, Auckland, albeit surrounded by volcanic craters and packed with adrenalin-pumping activities, has the tick of approval for solo travellers.


South America

Surprisingly, there were more South American cities than North American on the list. These included Ecuador’s Quito, Argentina’s Buenos Aires, Colombia’s Cartagena, Chile’s Valparaíso, and Peru’s Cusco, which is also the highest city in the list, sitting at 11,152 feet above sea level. The locals welcome travellers with open arms and smiling faces, but it is still recommended that the further you stray from the tourist track, the higher degree of caution you exercise.


North America

It may be the concrete jungle, but New York City is a jungle you can navigate sans guide, and sans anyone else if that’s what you want. In the last few years, there has been a lot of effort put in to cleaning up the city and reducing crime, making it an ideal spot for solo travellers. It’s easy to get around, easy to connect, easy to find accommodation, and easy to fall for.

Smaller San José in sunny California is home to Silicon Valley and is understandably a hive of activity. Attracting people from all over, it’s a melting pot for the like-minded, and overly open to outsiders.

Canadian city, Vancouver, on the other hand is a place where travellers can unwind and unplug. Famous for their friendliness, it’s little surprise this city made it to the list for solo female travellers.

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