A sustainably-designed new luxury vessel set to cruise Tasmanian waters

Odalisque III at Mt Stokes, On Board Tasmanian Expedition Cruises

On Board, Tasmanian Expedition Cruises,  is set to launch a new custom-designed luxury vessel, Odalisque III, at the end of 2022.

Cruising from January, 2023, Odalisque III will take a maximum of 12 guests through Tasmanian wilderness, including Port Davey and Bathurst Harbour in southwest Tasmania between January and May each year.

On Board founder and skipper, Pieter van der Woude, said: “Odalisque’s sole purpose is to provide small groups access to some of Tasmania’s most remote waters and wilderness areas, led by local experts.”

The 24-metre expedition catamaran features six spacious cabins – each with Queen sized beds, indoor and outdoor lounge and dining areas.
Between June and December, Odalisque will cruise the beaches and islands of Tasmania’s east coast. Odalisque will also be available for private charter.

Authentic experiences

Specialised chefs from some of Hobart’s top restaurants will serve cuisine designed to showcase local Tasmania produce, complimented by cool climate Tasmanian wines, craft beers and spirits.

Local experts including skippers and guides will lead guests on journeys of discovery via guided tender and shore excursions.

In the remote harbour of Port Davey, inaccessible by road and visited by just a select few each year, guests will be able to:

  • Wind through the sea caves of Breaksea Islands
  • Hike to wilderness peaks for views over harbour and national park
  • Cruise the bends of the Davey River
  • Keep watch for the critically-endangered orange-bellied parrot
  • Stroll the untracked sandy expanse of a Southern Ocean beach
  • Visit the ex-mining settlement of Melaleuca to discover the area’s fascinating history

Design and sustainability

“Our innovative boat-based experience was specifically designed to have a low impact on the environment and avoid the need for a land-based footprint,” Pieter van der Woude shared with Luxury Travel.

“This allows guests to experience and appreciate the environment, particularly the fragile marine ecosystems of the south west, while still enjoying the full safety and comfort that any land-based lodge would provide.”

“We provide access to the wilderness in small groups and leave no trace of our visit. Our expeditions are led by expert crew who are trained to encourage minimal impact on the environment. Our experiences are designed to inspire a greater appreciation for the natural world. We aim to educate and excite our guests about conserving the wild places that we love for future generations.”

“A key focus of ours is to minimise our food miles by using our relationships with local produce suppliers. If we can find it grown in Tasmania, we’ll use that option every time. Our team of chefs are fiercely against food wastage, making their own stock with offcuts, and re-using leftover food where possible (not that there often is any!),” says Pieter.

Other sustainability measures include:

  • Odalisque III is being built in Hobart, Tasmania with a focus on using local materials and suppliers as much as possible throughout the construction.
  • The tinted glass that has been used throughout helps to keep the cabin temperature more stable when it’s hit by the harsh Tasmanian sun.
  • A large battery bank will allow for minimal use of the diesel generator. This system stores any oversupply generated during the day, to prevent the generators from being run overnight.
  • On Board has a close partnership with Raptor Refuge, a local conservation and rehabilitation group raising awareness about Tasmanian Raptors. “We love to educate our guests about programs such as this and encourage them to support such charitable causes in place of any tips,” said Pieter.
  • A small group size of just 12 guests ensures a smaller footprint on the sensitive wilderness areas we visit. Any general waste that is produced onboard is compacted and transported back to Hobart.

Odalisque III is the only expedition vessel that On Board will operate and will replace their current cruiser, Odalisque II, from January 2023.

On Board is now taking bookings for Port Davey Escape expeditions between January and May, and East Coast Expeditions from June to November.

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