Four Seasons unveils new private jet itinerary through Asia

Travel through Asia in 20224 with Four Seasons on their new 16-Day Asia Unveiled private jet itinerary.

The luxury hospitality brand Four Seasons has released its popular private jet itineraries for 2024, including a new journey taking in some of Asia’s best sights and attractions.

The curated trips, which take place on board a customised Four Seasons jet, offer travellers the opportunity to reach far-flung destinations without the potential interruptions associated with commercial flights. Accommodation is in Four Seasons hotels along the way, or in luxury properties carefully chosen for more remote destinations.

In addition to the modern luxuries offered to all guests, each destination also has a range of exceptional experiences designed to immerse guests in the culture of their surroundings.

“Past guests often comment that the Private Jet journey was just the beginning of an adventure that connected them to each destination and their travel companions, resulting in enduring new relationships and memories to last a lifetime,” said Christian Clerc, President, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts.

For 2024, a new, shorter itinerary has been created for those travellers seeking a memorable experience but who may not be able to make a long-time commitment.

Asia Unveiled spans 16 days, with the private jet travelling from Tokyo to Bangkok, stopping in Bali, Maldives, Hoi An, Bhutan, and Angkor Wat. Trip highlights include rafting through Bali’s vine-hung gorges, a private samurai lesson in Tokyo, a turtle safari in the Maldives, a guided night out sampling Vietnam’s famed street foods, a hike to Bhutan’s striking Tiger’s Nest Monastery, discovering the lesser-known aspects of Angkor Wat, and a private khlong cruise through Bangkok.

Other journeys that travellers can book for 2024 include the 24-day Timeless Encounters, from Oahu to London via Bora Bora, Sydney, Bali, Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai, Taj Mahal, Dubai and Prague; and World of Adventures, which travels over 24 days from Seattle to Fort Lauderdale stopping in Kyoto, Bali, Seychelles, Rwanda, Marrakech, Bogotá and Galápagos Islands.

There are also a handful of places remaining on selected 2023 itineraries.

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