New concept Regent Taste Studio debuts in Singapore

Regent Taste Studio

Regent Hotels & Resorts launched a new multi-sensory dining experience recently in Singapore. We were there at the unveiling to trial an evening fusing top culinary and creative skill.

An immersive culinary experience will roll out later this year at the new Regent Phu Quoc in Vietnam titled Regent Taste Studio.

We were in Singapore to attend the official brand premiere of the exciting new pop-up concept that will run at several Regent Hotels & Resorts around the world including Australia, UK, France, Singapore and the U.S – as well as unexpected locations.

The Regent Taste Studio is designed to provide enhanced dining experiences for guests, where the collaborative talents of chefs, artists and designers are on full display in a multisensory event.

From the minute I walked into the room at a creative warehouse space in Singapore, I was intrigued by the event about to unfold. The Regent team had decorated the space to resemble the lush foliage and tropical surrounds of Regent Phu Quoc. We walked across a mock footbridge illuminated by coloured lighting.

I was seated at an impressive, u-shaped and elevated dining station where all guests could look downwards to a central ‘stage’ platform to hear from and watch the artisans at work.

The Regent Taste Studio series will see the likes of fashion designers, film producers and musicians working collaboratively with the chefs from Regent hotels. During this invitation-only launch series in Singapore, we were treated to the cuisine of Executive Chef Bruno Anon and Chef de Cuisine Andy Huynh from Regent Phu Quoc; and Spanish visual artist Mark Rios, better known as Mr. Dripping.

The dinner was spent watching Mr Dripping create live an artwork before us, which we could see in close detail thanks to overhead cameras projecting onto mounted screens. Each chef also spoke to the guests about the inspiration behind each dish, where the food is sourced from and their love of cooking.

Lively tunes would play throughout the evening, and it was fascinating to watch the work of Mr Dripping slowly take shape, complemented by the dishes prepared by the culinary team. Each plated meal was presented to us with almost military precision by a team of waiters working in unison – almost resembling models at a fashion show moving down a catwalk.

Tom Rowntree, Vice President, Global Luxury Brands for IHG Hotels & Resorts, said: “Combining emerging culinary talent and creatives across music, design, performance and visual art, the Regent Taste Studio is something pretty special. We created the Taste Studio to appeal to the most discerning guests – globetrotters and tastemakers who appreciate design and craftsmanship, and seek deeply sensorial, immersive experiences rooted in authenticity. Each edition of the Regent Taste Studio will be a unique, arresting curation to stimulate the senses while showcasing its signature blend of culinary expertise and cultural exploration to captivate guests’

Regent was acquired by IHG Hotels & Resorts in 2018. In April 2022, Regent Phu Quoc became the first hotel to open after the acquisition, with Regent Hong Kong set to open by the end of 2022.

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