Norwegian Cruise Line collaborates with artist Dominic Harris

Every Wing has a Silver Lining by Dominic Harris
Every Wing has a Silver Lining by Dominic Harris

The cruise company has commissioned British artist Dominic Harris to create a striking digital artwork for Norwegian Viva, which will set sail in August.

Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL)’s Norwegian Viva will soon set sail on her maiden journey through the Mediterranean, with an interactive digital artwork on board by the British artist Dominic Harris, unveiled at the Halcyon Gallery in London on 18 May.

The work, Every Wing Has a Silver Lining, will span more than 15 metres of the ship’s Metropolitan Bar, displaying the artist’s signature butterfly motifs. Each silver-winged butterfly responds to passing movement and is fully interactive to touch.

“We are delighted to be unveiling our first interactive fine art digital piece on board Norwegian Viva this summer”, said Sarah Hall Smith, Art Director for Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings (NCLH) Ltd. “Dominic’s creative vision captivated us from the outset, and we knew that the concept and design would seamlessly complement the Metropolitan Bar, the first sustainability-focused bar abroad our fleet. I hope that guests feel as mesmerised engaging with Every Wing Has a Silver Lining as I do.”

“As an artist, I’m thrilled by the idea of uncovering the inner child hidden within every adult’s heart! I wish my artwork to act as a mirror, reflecting both the onlooker’s outer self and my own fascination on the incredible ‘butterfly effect’ that weaves its way through our existence. I want each viewer to feel that their interaction with Every Wing has A Silver Lining is an exhilarating dance with something vast, powerful, and truly significant!”, said Harris.

Norwegian Viva - Dominic Harris
A preview of Every Wing has a Silver Lining by Dominic Harris is unveiled at Halcyon Gallery in London on 18 May.

The piece complements six modern sculptures that will be displayed on Norwegian Viva’s concourse by artists such as Kevin Box, Arik Levy, and Sophie Elizabeth Thompson.

Norwegian Viva sets sail in August on her Mediterranean itineraries, stopping in cities such as Lisbon, Portugal; Venice (Trieste) and Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy; and Athens (Piraeus), Greece. The ship is the second of six ‘Prima Class’ vessels that will be delivered through to 2027.

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