INDESIGN Media and Luxury Travel welcomes Madelin Tomelty!

Madelin Tomelty is home again as Editor of Luxury Travel and ready for an exciting new chapter with INDESIGN Media in the realms of luxury and travel.

Outstanding editor and journalist Madelin Tomelty has returned as Editor of Luxury Travel and brings new and exciting directions for the magazine, digital offering and Gold List Awards. INDESIGN Media is thrilled to have Madelin join its dynamic team and warmly welcomes her to the publishing group.

As a previous Editor of Luxury Travel, Madelin understands what makes the title unique and, through her wealth of experience and innate knowledge, is set to take Luxury Travel to the next level of accomplishment and achievement.

Madelin replaces Katrina Holden who will still be contributing to Luxury Travel and we thank Katrina for her hard work in re-launching the magazine, and the Gold List Awards.

Madelin’s career began in the fashion industry as a writer and then editor, making the switch to travel journalism in 2015. After three years as a freelance travel writer and content creator, Madelin was appointed Digital Editor and Features Writer of Luxury Travel Magazine in 2018.

During her two-year tenure at the previous iteration of the masthead, Madelin led the redesign and relaunch of, successfully establishing a compelling digital destination and increasing a loyal digital readership.

She was at the forefront of introducing interactive digital story production into the Australian travel media space, and, equally comfortable in the world of print, wrote countless features and cover stories for Luxury Travel Magazine.

She boasts an impressive portfolio of print articles, ranging from captivating narrative-driven pieces to investigative articles on emerging travel trends that demonstrate a deep understanding of the evolving global luxury travel market.

Madelin also spent a number of years engaged in freelance copywriting for various esteemed travel brands including InterContinental, Kimpton Hotels, voco hotels and Viking Cruises, and has two decades’ experience in front of the camera as a presenter and host.

In her most recent role as Managing Editor at ArchiPro, Madelin brought her extensive travel experience to the forefront, regularly transiting across the country to conduct video interviews with leading architects while spearheading the content strategy for the Australian market.

Madelin comments, “I am thrilled to start this new chapter as the Editor of Luxury Travel Magazine. Not only am I really excited to be back in travel publishing, and at the helm of a title for which I have such a soft spot, but also to be doing so as part of the Indesign Media team.”

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