Antarctica Flights resumes departures from November

Antarctica Flights
Antarctica Flights

 The day trips flying over the vast white wilderness of Antarctica are set to take off in November.

Those who want to embark on an extraordinary daytrip flying over the vast snow-and-ice landscapes of Antarctica can join Antarctica Flights as it returns to the skies from November.

Departing four Australian cities, the flights cross the Southern Ocean towards the South Magnetic Pole, traversing between 9,500–10,500 kilometres to view vistas of the expansive white wilderness. Polar expeditioners are on board to talk through the environment that passengers are seeing along the way.

“Antarctica Flights offer the ultimate one-day adventure. It’s a chance to see this extraordinary white wilderness from the air, and learn about the southernmost continent from polar experts. Aboard a cruise ship you only touch the edge of the coast; aboard a privately chartered plane, you soar over a continent. And you get to travel overseas, no luggage or passport required!” said Antarctica Flights CEO, Bas Bosschieter.

Nineteen planned routes are designed to match each departure’s weather conditions, with the journey taking between 12 and 14 hours. Flights are on board a privately chartered Qantas 787 Dreamliner with business class seating available.

Two flights per city are scheduled for Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, with one flight departing Perth on 26 January 2024. New Year’s Eve departures from Melbourne and Brisbane will offer a unique way for travellers to ring in 2024.

Business Class Deluxe fares are priced from AUD$7,999 per person.

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