5 trends shaping how Australians will travel in 2024

2024 Luxe Report - Antarctica
2024 Luxe Report - Antarctica

Global travel network Virtuoso’s Luxe Report reveals Australian and New Zealander luxury travellers will venture further afield and seek out once-in-a-lifetime experiences in 2024

The 2024 Virtuoso Luxe Report unveils a captivating shift in the travel landscape for luxury enthusiasts in Australia and New Zealand. The report, based on insights from Virtuoso’s travel agency members from 50 countries, reveals a growing willingness among luxury travellers to explore destinations further afield. This trend signifies a deep-seated sense of adventure and a pursuit of once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Virtuoso travel advisors observe a rising enthusiasm among their clients to fulfill long-cherished travel dreams. Impressively, more than 40 per cent of surveyed advisors anticipate an increase in both travel demand and per-trip spending throughout 2024.

The Luxe Report pinpoints five trends highlighting the ways in which globetrotters are solidifying their impact in the realm of travel for 2024:


1. Travelling beyond the expected

Seasoned travellers appear to be exploring beyond the familiar and are increasingly drawn to the allure of destinations such as Japan and Egypt. Their motivation stems from pandemic-induced dreams, advisor recommendations or the thrill of being trailblazers in less-explored territories.


2. Resuming milestone celebrations abroad

Post-pandemic travel is marked by a celebration of postponed milestones. Virtuoso’s report indicates the festivities will continue in 2024, with people using their travels to share and commemorate life’s significant moments.


3. Eco-conscious travellers explore untouched landscapes

Virtuoso advisors reported a growing trend among their clients, who are increasingly venturing beyond familiar landscapes to experience nature in its unspoiled state, driven by concerns that such opportunities may diminish or become inaccessible. Notably, destinations such as Greece, Morocco, and Hawaii are capturing the attention of travellers seeking to contribute to the recovery of areas recently affected by disasters, demonstrating a commitment to supporting local economies while approaching these destinations with the utmost respect for their ongoing recovery efforts.

4. Rising demand for intimate travel

As demand rises for less crowded and more intimate settings, travellers seeking authentic experiences are increasingly favouring river cruises. The appeal lies in their casual atmosphere, proximity to major cities, and diverse itineraries. Notable routes – such as the Danube River, the Mekong River, and the Nile – are gaining popularity. Adventure cruising takes centre stage as the top trend, driven by a heightened interest in Alaska and improved accessibility to Antarctica, establishing it as the leading adventure destination for 2024.


5. The trend towards custom trips and expert advisors

Travellers are leaning into custom trips that are a breeze to plan. Today’s jetsetters, navigating a landscape of uncertainty, are all about tailoring their journeys for maximum comfort. They will leave nothing to chance, Virtuoso reports, and this is fuelling a surge in the use of professional travel advisors. These experts are the go-to for smoothing out the booking process and cranking up the overall travel experience, ensuring a seamless and stress-free exploration of the world’s wonders.

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