VistaJet launches aviation’s first luxury wellness program

In-flight wellness experience on Vistajet
In-flight wellness experience on Vistajet

The private jet-chartering company’s wellness program offers exclusive world-leading mind and body experiences both in the air and on land

Business aviation company VistaJet has launched a multifaceted wellness program, intended to simplify private flying and support members with the affects flying perpetuates onto the body and mind – including jetlag. Responding to demand from its members and global trends for greater meaning, longevity and impactful life experiences, the global wellness portfolio is intended to offer every member a solution to their particular wellness needs.

Before flying, consultations with a nutritionist assist in choosing personalised pre-flight and in-flight meals. Onboard, features like ergonomic seating, daylight simulation, meditation apps, and athlete-influenced dining menus promote relaxation. VistaJet offers leading wellness products and, post-flight, provides wellness guides for managing jet lag and staying hydrated. This comprehensive approach aims to ensure passenger wellbeing from start to finish, transforming a potentially tiring experience into an energising one, according to the brand.

VistaJet also offers access to immersive experiences in a range of wellness-focused destinations spanning four continents, including The Maldives and Tibet. Upon arrival at their destination, VistaJet members have access to post-flight wellness guides created by leading physicians, along with exclusive partner offerings with world-leading institutions, brands and experts.

Each destination in the program offers a unique opportunity for healing, self-discovery and well-being, with experiences including a 21-day Buddhism-centred spiritual expedition in Nepal and Bhutan – replete with prayer sessions, a helicopter ride to Mount Everest base camp, and traditional rituals; and transformative wholistic experiences at the Maldives’ only dedicated wellbeing island, Joali Being.

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