One&Only One Za’abeel launches UAE’s first ‘longevity hub’

One&Only ONE Za’abeel – building view

One&Only One Za’abeel has partnered with Clinique La Prairie to introduce the UAE’s first longevity hub, integrating evidence-based medicine and advanced wellness solutions

One&Only One Za’abeel will unveil the first ‘longevity hub’ in the UAE in March 2024, in a partnership with Clinique La Prairie. The longevity hub – a combination of evidence-based medicine and wellness solutions – will provide a comprehensive solution to the daily stressors associated with urban living, according to the brand.

“…The shared ethos between the two iconic brands paved the way to join ventures and bring Longevity Hub by Clinique La Prairie to the UAE,” said Jan Tibaldi, Cluster General Manager of One&Only One Za’abeel.

At the heart of the hub are three core pillars – longevity, wellbeing and aesthetics – designed to deliver an ultra-personalised wellness journey. Sprawled over three floors in the resort, the wellness hub will showcase 29 treatment rooms for well-being and clinical therapies, a movement studio with state-of-the-art gym facilities and a longevity bar. The addition of the first ‘longevity index lounge’ in the region provides an exclusive diagnostic experience for a tailored well-being journey, with expert-led professionals and analysis of internal and external health aspects.

The hub will also introduce cutting-edge therapies for longevity, featuring neurowave stimulation for brain training and relaxation, cryotherapy, far infrared, and IV drips for rejuvenation.

The Longevity Hub will provide tailored experiences designed for rapid recovery from the daily stressors that speed up signs of ageing and compromise the skin’s vitality and overall physical appearance. It will also offer a variety of minimally invasive cosmetic treatments to prevent and restore aesthetics mesotherapy, botox and PRP, as well as laser treatments to improve skin texture, tone and appearance.

Exclusive detoxification treatments for stress recovery, such as underwater hydro jet massage, anti-pollution facial, lymphatic face drainage, Turkish bath, body atelier signature experience and Garshana body polish are also accessible.

The Longevity Hub at Clinique La Prairie will serve as an extension of the Swiss counterpart in Montreux, where guests can stay for revitalising week-long programs and return to the Dubai Hub for follow-ups and to maintain year-long wellness.

Exclusive year-round membership programs will be available, offering private consultations, ultra-personalised treatment protocols and complete wellness solutions aimed at achieving a profound and holistic change in well-being.


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