This once in a lifetime trip takes adventurers from Cape Town to Antarctica in 5.5 hours

Ice shelf from above with Ultima Oasis Camp, Antarctica
Ice shelf from above with Ultima Oasis Camp, Antarctica

Ultima Oasis Camp offers a unique peek into the most remote part of the world with excursions to emperor penguin colonies and the South Pole

In the heart of the Antarctic wilderness sits Ultima Oasis Camp, which offers guests the rare opportunity to explore one of the remotest places on Earth – the deep field of Antarctica. Adventurers will take the 5.5 hour cargo plane flight from Cape Town to Novo Air Base alongside expert Antarctic scientists and researchers for a truly unique experience.

Guests can choose from multiple expeditions including a seven-day South Pole and Emperor Penguins Expedition, a seven-day Emperor Penguins Expedition and a 24-hour Ultima Day. Small groups can enjoy tailor-made expeditions and experiences. All expeditions are crafted by Ultima Antarctic Expeditions, who have over 20 years’ experience in Antarctic logistics and expeditions.

“We are creating a corps of Antarctic advocates and ambassadors among our visitors, whilst practically assisting and crossfinancing the precious practice of science,” said Riaan Aucamp, CEO of Ultima Antarctic Expeditions and Ultima Antarctic Logistics.

Situated in the Schirmacher Oasis, the camp offers two Scandinavian-inspired accommodation units built for at least 14 guests, a dining facility with scenic views and a traditional Banya or Russian steam bath. Customisations are available for each accommodation unit with options for solo, couple and family travellers. Visitors share bio-shower and bathroom facilities and a lounge with views of the Oasis ice lake.

Visitors can indulge in iconic Antarctic experiences such as visiting the South Pole, observing emperor penguin colonies, traversing mountains and exploring ice caves and ice walls. Oasis is surrounded by fresh-water lakes and waterfalls during the peak summer months of December and January. Ten minute hikes suited for a variety of abilities take hikers to the edge of the ever-moving ice sheet. In addition to potential emperor penguin sightings via a short flight from Ultima Oasis Camp, wildlife enthusiasts may view antarctic skuas, Wilson’s storm petrels and snow petrels at Oasis and may even come across Adelie penguins wandering around the campus.

Ultima Oasis Camp excursions begin in November and are expected to run through early February. Prices start at USD$16,000 per person for the all inclusive 24-hour Ultima Day expedition.

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