Dine at the edge of space with Alchemist Restaurant

Spaceship Neptune SpaceVIP experience | credit: SpaceVIP
Spaceship Neptune SpaceVIP experience | credit: SpaceVIP

This edge of space flight aboard Spaceship Neptune, the world’s first carbon-neutral spaceship, stars a meal reflecting the event’s magnitude

Diners looking for a unique experience will be able to eat at the edge of space in 2025, according to Globetrender. Alchemist Restaurant, a Copenhagen-based restaurant run by Michelin star chef Rasmus Munk, will be collaborating with SpaceVIP to launch the ‘stratospheric dining experience.’ Set aboard Space Perspective’s Spaceship Neptune, the six person adventure will last six hours and involve a voyage above 99% of earth’s atmosphere. Not only will the six passengers be making history when they break bread but they will also ride aboard the first carbon-neutral spaceship.

Space edge eaters may indulge in “Memories of Sakura,” a dish designed by the Alchemist RD-lab in collaboration with MIT’s Maggie Coblentz, who studies interplanetary gastronomy. The plate is inspired by earth’s changing seasons, per Globetrender. This dish follows in the footsteps of Naoko Yamazaki and Soichi Noguchi, two Japanese astronauts who wanted to be reminded of their motherland’s cherry blossoms. In 2010, they pickled cherry flowers to avoid restrictions on carrying that plant into space.

According to Globetrender, Dishes aboard the flight will be inspired by the last 60 years of space exploration. Chef Munk referred to his culinary approach as immersive and holistic, stating, “in this experience, I want to highlight food as a common thread in our human existence, and it will be truly meaningful to serve it while gazing down at the Earth’s curvature.”

In addition to fine dining, those aboard Spaceship Neptune can expect to wear a custom-made outfit designed specifically for the mission. French fashion house Ogier designed the made-to-measure attire. In addition to experiencing the voyage with their fellow travellers, those aboard Spaceship Neptune will be able to livestream or connect with loved ones on earth using the ship’s wifi.

Space Perspective’s luxury balloon capsule, Spaceship Neptune, has reimagined the spaceflight experience to forego any training or special gear aboard the vessel. Globetrender notes that the pressurised capsule will be lifted by a SpaceBalloon to 100,000 feet above sea level, where the featured view is planned to be the sunrise over earth’s curvature.

This flight is intended as the first in a series of Space Perspective voyages that will be designed to ‘share the transformative power of space travel to shift human consciousness and impact the future of humanity,’ according to Globetrender.

The six hour journey is planned for 2025 and will launch from the Space Coast of Florida. Tickets are priced at $495,000 USD, with all proceeds donated to the Space Prize Foundation, which is dedicated to promoting gender equity in science and technology.

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