A&K Travel Group partners with acclaimed architects on lodge & ship design

A&K Travel Group
A&K Travel Group

The luxury travel group has engaged Adriana Granato and naval architects Giacomo and Lorenzo to lead the architectural and interior design for its camps, lodges, boats and ships.

A&K Travel Group has unveiled an exclusive partnership with acclaimed architect Adriana Granato and a long-term collaboration with naval architects Giacomo and Lorenzo Mortola, suggesting a major advancement is afoot in the design of A&K’s travel accommodations and vessels.

Adriana Granato, based in Milan, brings her extensive expertise in architectural and interior design to A&K’s camps, lodges, boats and ships. She holds a double degree in Architecture from Politecnico di Milano and Politecnico di Torino, as well as a PhD in Design and Technologies for Cultural Heritage, and is one of the youngest female adjunct professors ever hosted by Politecnico di Milano. In 2018, she founded Studio Ibsen, a think tank of architects, interior designers, and researchers that tackles national and international projects, as well as academic research and social-based initiatives.

In her new role with A&K Granato will oversee all architectural and interior design projects for A&K Travel Group, coordinating and guiding the professionals involved. For the brand’s new camps and lodges, she will collaborate with local architects and designers with the goal of harmoniously blending regional materials, patterns and colours with the luxury travel brand’s Italian heritage.

“Adriana has been a dynamic force in our projects, bringing both tradition and innovation into play, appealing to diverse generational tastes,” stated Cristina Levis, CEO of A&K Travel Group.

Genova-based Studio Gem, led by Giacomo and Lorenzo Mortola, will be taking the helm of design for A&K’s new Crystal ocean and expedition ships and river boats. The Mortolas, renowned for their sophisticated design of luxury ships, will work closely with Crystal Cruises’ internal team of naval engineers and architects, led by Roberto Fazi, SVP Marine.

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