Lavish Guerlain spa opens in the Caribbean’s Cap Juluca

Cap Juluca Guerlain Spa Anguilla
Cap Juluca Guerlain Spa Anguilla

The new spa offers nature-inspired beauty rituals and holistic healing experiences on Anguilla’s serene shores

Cap Juluca Spa by Guerlain in Anguilla opens its doors this month, aiming to provide a sanctuary of relaxation and rejuvenation. The Belmond Hotel has partnered with Guerlain to introduce guests to exclusive treatments and experiences inspired by the island’s natural beauty and cultural heritage.

Designed by Rottet Studio, the spa draws inspiration from Anguilla’s Indigenous Arawak tribe and incorporates elements that celebrate renewal and harmony with nature.

The facility features seven private treatment rooms named after local flora and designed with cerused and bleached white oak, limestone flooring, and rough-cut limestone basins. The Imperial Suite offers a VIP experience with its own sauna, steam shower, and relaxation area.

The spa’s offerings include a comprehensive menu of exclusive Guerlain treatments. Highlights include the “Ocean Vibes” face and body treatment, which uses an ocean tambour and ice bubbles to recreate the sounds of rolling waves, and the “Crystal Bowl Energy” treatment, which combines a pink quartz face mask with the vibrations of crystal bowls to restore inner peace. The “Restorative After Sun” treatment uses bee products and freshwater spheres to detoxify and renew the skin after sun exposure.

Cap Juluca’s spa design includes an open-air courtyard adorned with emerald mosaic patterns and a central fountain surrounded by tropical foliage. The Calichi Garden, inspired by an ancient Arawak fountain discovered in Anguilla, offers a multi-temperate plunge pool, spaces for private moments, and traditional sage burning rituals to promote healing and wisdom.

Cap Juluca’s beach on Maundays Bay is one of the best in the Caribbean, offering guests a peaceful, relaxing setting. The resort’s Wellness Series features visiting yogis, nutritionists, and plant-based chefs, offering guests opportunities to engage in mindfulness, nutrition, and longevity activities.

Guests can also engage in seasonal activities such as salt picking, which celebrates Anguilla’s maritime heritage. The Cap Juluca Nursery offers workshops in driftwood art creation and terrarium building, allowing guests to explore the connection between well-being and nature.

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