Eastern & Oriental Express unveils first Dior spa in Southeast Asia

Eastern & Oriental Express Spa Cabin
Eastern & Oriental Express Spa Cabin

The luxurious Dior Spa rail experience features exclusive wellness treatments inspired by Asian beauty rituals

Eastern & Oriental Express, a Belmond Train, has announced the opening of the first Dior Spa in Southeast Asia. The collaboration between Belmond and Dior provides a unique wellness experience aboard the luxury train, which travels through Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Housed in one of the Eastern & Oriental Express’ sixteen Art déco-inspired carriages, interiors include handcrafted tropical woods and House of Dior iconic cane work with rose emblems on carpets in shades of green and beige paying homage to Christian Dior’s love of flowers.

The blend of Dior elegance and local inspiration provides a serene and immersive experience. Two luxurious treatment rooms contain elegant Dior furniture bedecked in a Toile de Jouy print featuring Malaysian Sacred Tigers.

The spa’s wellness menu features five tailor-made treatments devised by Dior’s Wellness Experts. The D-Jungle is an exclusive face and body treatment inspired by Asian traditions. It offers a rhythmic deep muscle massage using stretching techniques and targeting specific energy points. The Constellation massage combines various techniques to relieve tension, while the D-Tissue massage focuses on deep, slow, and soothing movements to ease muscular pain.

Facial treatments blend traditional Asian techniques with Dior’s prestige skincare line. The Kobi-Dior Facial Treatment, rooted in the ancient Japanese Kobido massage tradition, rejuvenates the skin. The Le Soin de Minuit treatment incorporates meditative exercises to promote profound sleep and optimise skin regeneration, ensuring a luminous complexion by morning.

The Eastern & Oriental Express offers two unique itineraries. The Essence of Malaysia is a three-night journey from Singapore through Kuala Lumpur, Langkawi, and Penang, showcasing Malaysia’s vibrant cities and natural beauty. The Wild Malaysia itinerary travels through untouched areas surrounding the ‘Jungle Railway’ and includes visiting the Taman Negara National Park, home to tigers and leopards.

In collaboration with Save Wild Tigers, guests can learn about conservation efforts for the Malayan Tiger and take part in various excursions, including jungle foraging. Both itineraries offer panoramic views of tropical rainforests, rivers, and rice fields, immersing guests in Southeast Asia’s natural landscapes.

The Eastern & Oriental Express continues to set a high standard for luxury travel, combining opulent design, exceptional service, and unique experiences. The addition of the Dior Spa enhances the train’s offerings, adding a luxury wellness experience to the Southeast Asia journey. 

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