9 ways to combine luxury and adventure in Fiji

There’s no better place in the world than Fiji to enjoy a thrill… and then luxuriate. Home to an incredible bevvy of exclusive resorts, the Pacific Island archipelago has long been a paradise for sybarites. Add in lush jungle, raging rapids, staggering marine life and epic waves, and you have all the ingredients for a wild (yet wonderful) adventure.

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1. Snorkel with manta rays in the company of a marine biologist

Kokomo Private Island Fiji is not only one of the most stylish resorts in the archipelago, it’s also one of the most sustainable, with multiple projects in place to ensure that travellers leave a light footprint. After arriving here by seaplane from Nadi, you have the chance to join in-house marine biologists to help identify manta rays, contributing to the immense conservation work done by the not-for-profit Manta Project Fiji. It’s a goosebump-inducing experience to snorkel alongside these graceful marine giants, watching them glide through the water. When you’re done, relax in one of the resort’s oh-so-chic villas, with private pools, ocean views and direct beach access.

2. Catch a helicopter to a remote waterfall to swim

There’s no better way to get perspective of the Fijian archipelago than from the air. And Seabeds Fiji has the helicopter fleet to help you do just that. Set off on a sky-high adventure that zips you over Viti Levu’s lush jungle hinterland before landing you at Sleeping Giant Zipline, an adventure mecca where you can glide through the rainforest then cool off in pools under waterfalls, living your best life. Then jump back in your chopper and cruise over islets so pretty you’ll think that someone has taken the glasses off your nose and polished them for the first time.

3. Get high on a skydive

Leisure and adrenaline unite on a Skydive Fiji experience around the Mamanuca islands. Begin your day on an exclusive catamaran cruise (you can choose to be the only ones on board) around the archipelago, before arriving at the company’s private (and aptly named) Skydive Island, where you’ll suit up and take to the skies. Soar above the turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean, then feel the thrill of terminal velocity as you freefall against a canvas of fiery oranges and pinks as the sun sets over the water. What a way to end a day.

4. Go glamping on private island at Nanuku

You won’t want to leave dreamy Nanuku Resort, a postcard-worthy retreat that is all powdery beaches and palm trees. Perhaps the only reason to depart your villa is to visit the private Nanuku Island. Cruise there on the resort’s luxe yacht, enjoying bubbles as you explore the Beqa Lagoon. The rest of your day? Picnic lunch, swimming, kayaking , paddleboarding, jet-skiing… You can even join staff catching and preparing fish and prawns for your beach dinner. As the day disappears, you’ll be regaled with music before retiring to your hammock to sleep under the stars. Breakfast is jet-boated in to you in the morning, before you return to the resort.

5. Heli to the Navua River… and whitewater raft down

One of the most unique river canyons on Earth is found inside the remarkable highlands of Viti Levu. The Upper Navua River is a hidden pathway to a pristine tropical wilderness, shrouded in lush rainforest, fed by countless waterfalls and protected by challenging rapids. Catch a helicopter over the patchwork of green hinterland to the top of the waterway, where you’ll meet Rivers Fiji guides to paddle back down over thrilling class II and III whitewater, exploring hidden grottoes and enjoying the numerous waterfalls that spill into the canyon.

6. Pick a private yacht charter to scuba dive

Pick your luxury base – perhaps Six Senses Fiji, maybe COMO Laucala Island, or how about Likuliku Lagoon Resort, with its villas stilted over the ocean? Regardless of where you stay, you have the opportunity to book a private boat to take you over the waves to explore one of Fiji’s famed dive sites. There are many. Strap on your mask and flippers and head deep into the blue to swim alongside manta rays and turtles, reef sharks and big-eye jacks, among so many other marine species. And then there’s the hard and soft coral, in a kaleidoscope of colours…

7. Slide into a day of sand cay bliss

There are a lot of reasons to stay at the Royal Davui Island resort, from its pool villas to its exceptional dining. Another incentive is the retreat’s sand cay beach picnic, which sees you whisked over the waves to a remote private patch of powdery white, which you and your paramour will have to yourselves for as long as you like. Resort staff will set you up with picnic mats, champagne and lunch… how you spend the rest of the day is up to you. Swim, snorkel, lounge about in the sun, and then retire to your luxury cocoon to enjoy an evening under the stars.

8. Go off-grid at The Remote Resort

Rainbow Reef never fails to dazzle, with its opaline hues that fade into toothpaste-white waves. This is your backdrop at The Remote Resort, a romantic hideaway that caters to only 20 guests at any given time. The roster of adventure experiences on offer here is impressive, from night snorkelling tours with a marine biologist to coastal hikes and visits to thundering waterfalls (bring your swimsuit). The resort also has its own dive centre – your gateway to the ‘soft coral capital of the world’. Slip into turquoise waters to explore the Great White Wall, Cabbage Patch, Fish Factory, and around 20 other dive sites with your own dive master.

9. Head to Cloudbreak to surf… then chill at Cloud9

If you’re an avid surfer in Fiji, you will have your sights set on one destination: Cloudbreak, regularly voted one of the best (and most challenging) waves in the world, with barrelling lefts over a shallow reef. Arrive early in your resort’s private yacht, and surf Cloudbreak til you can no longer stand. Then transfer to the nearby floating bar Cloud9, bobbing gently above the Mololo barrier reef. Reward yourself with pizza and cocktails, then jump off the top deck to snorkel or swim under the pontoon.

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