A Royal Postcard: Royal Davui Island Resort, Fiji

If 24 hours constitutes a day, and most of them pass by each of us largely unremarked, what would a remarkable day look like? Aboard the Royal Davui Island Resort shuttle boat – which skips across the lagoon from Fiji’s Pacific Harbour in the south of Viti Levu to the adults-only resort that will be my sanctuary for the next 24 hours – I pondered that very question. After 45 relaxing minutes in transit to the island, I had arrived at my reality.

Everything bodes well for a remarkable day, from the traditional Fijian welcome from the resort team – a glorious chorus of voices serenading new arrivals with ‘bula maleya’ – to the friendly and impressively smooth check-in.

My Sunset Pool Suite was located on the leeward side of the island and instantly revealed its cachet – sublime views over the lagoon and beyond to the South Pacific Ocean, and a private deck and plunge pool. Sunlit and luxuriously casual in its décor, as befits a Fiji island resort, the suite’s profound sense of serenity was immediate. The living room was ideal for relaxing and reading and, to my delight, not only came with a comfy lounge but also freshly baked banana bread. 

The ample bedroom housed a king size bed and, across its top cover, was an artistically displayed message: Welcome Home. After performing my perfunctory ‘jump test’ on the mattress, I was assured of a good night’s sleep. The luxurious ensuite bathroom was elevated to capture views of the stunning lagoon outside, and the bedroom opened onto the private sun deck. The inviting plunge pool was impossible to resist, and the perfect way to refresh on a balmy day. 

In the afternoon I ventured to the Davui Spa, where a nourishing and hydrating massage was complemented by an ocean vista across to Beqa Island, home to many of the resort’s staff . I ambled back to my villa imbued with a deep feeling of peacefulness, and it occurred to me that I had very quickly slipped into fabulous ‘Fiji time’, without once thinking of checking emails or my phone. 

As the last remnants of daylight disappeared with a spectacular sunset, I returned to the spa to attend the weekly general manager’s drinks session. Each Saturday night, a different resort location is selected as the setting for this friendly social ritual to which all guests are invited. Drinks are followed by a further invitation to join the Davui team in the restaurant and bar for an entertaining educational discussion before dinner. 

Having enjoyed my lunch, I was looking forward to dinner and was wowed by the fine dining on offer. Royal Davui places great importance on the guest dining experience, and the menu has been created to cater for a wide variety of tastes. In addition to the dazzling food, the wine list was extensive, with a cellar stocked with a great selection of drops from New Zealand, Australia and Europe. 

The sun was up before me the following morning – a great night’s sleep and complete relaxation do not prompt any haste on my part. A breakfast of champions – pancakes followed by bacon and eggs – sets me up for the day, but also heralds my all-too-soon departure from this beautiful island resort. 

After one remarkable day I am left craving more. It seems that 24 hours is not enough to spend on Fiji time. 


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