This Parisian boutique hotel melds French flair with Japanese minimalism

Design-led boutique hotel collection, Addresses Hotels, has welcomed the latest addition to its portfolio. Hotel Hana celebrates contrasting aesthetics and the similarities between French and Japanese cultures

Cradled in the heart of Paris, between the Opéra Garnier and Place de la Bourse, the recently opened Hôtel Hana, part of the Addresses Hotels portfolio, is a collection of contrasts. The boutique hotel emerges from a creative partnership between architect and interior designer, Laura Gonzalez, andesteemed artistic director in the fashion world, Olivier Leone. Collaboratively, they intertwine Japanese minimalism with an aristocratic aesthetic, inspired by the Belle Époque.



The design-led boutique hotel comprises 26 guest rooms, a spa-pool area for an aquatic and sensory break and the Hanabi restaurant, which melds French bistronomy with Japanese influences. Overlayed with feminine accents and boasting juxtaposing aesthetics – namely Belle Époque maximalism and Japanese minimalism – Hotel Hana is a destination for design lovers and discerning travellers alike.

Bespoke furniture punctuates the lobby and common spaces are reduced to the essentials. The reception is anything but traditional but evokes an intimate atmosphere upon arrival, where each guest is personally welcomed before being led to their suite.


All guest rooms feature framed views of the urban world and are infused with Feng Shui. The interior design honours Japan and the Belle Époque, through the inclusion of Iroko wood, straw coverings and bicoloured marble in the bathrooms. The carpets are signed by Marguerite Lemaire and adorned with an original design by Laura Gonzalez reproduced by Pierre Frey. Laura has imbued Hotel Hana with feminine, neutral tones to blend with the textiles and materials borrowed from Art Nouveau. 


Classic French cuisine is overlayed with Japanese finesse at Hanabi and is led by the co-founder of The Social Food, Shirley Garrier, who wanted to pay homage to both countries and their strong gastronomic connection –without one overpowering the other. “I juggle between the techniques and flavours of each to create a menu that reads in both directions like a palindrome and where both sides harmoniously converge,” she explains. The menu features traditional Japanese cuisines one might find in a sumo stable, crustaceans from the French coast and a selection of sakes and French wines serves as the sweet prelude to each tasting.


Self-care and beauty hold a significant place in both the Parisian and Japanese cultures. Hence, Hotel Hana has partnered with the team of beauty experts at Lymfea. Japanese rituals and energy rituals adore the treatment menu, including Reiki, Kobido, Reflexology-Drainage and Chi Nei Tsang.


France and Japan share notable similarities in their cultural values, with each emphasising good cuisine, a profound admiration for beauty, the arts, craftsmanship and the importance of etiquette. Hotel Hana serves as a tangible representation of these not-so-differing cultures.

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