Alfred Cointreau

My most recent trip was…to Australia in April to launch the last baby of the family, Cointreau Noir. I visited all the major cities and fell in love with the laidback approach to life. The locals really consider you for who you are, not what you look like. I never found arrogance in Australia.

The most unique place I’ve enjoyed a cocktail was…at Mojo Record bar in Sydney. Not because it is a fancy place, but because you feel at home, with a nice team and a balanced drink offering. I visited a lot of amazing places during my time in Australia, like Luxe bar in Perth, Bulletin Place in Sydney and Captain Melville in Melbourne, and I really enjoyed the small bar culture and appreciated meeting a variety of Australian bartenders. 

The world’s most happening bar scene is…a very good question! Each country has a different approach when it comes to cocktail making, which is really fascinating. What I really appreciated in Australia is firstly the concept of each bar; a bar is not just a place to drink in Australia. You can eat, get a haircut or even get a tattoo! Australian bar culture really represents quality ingredients, the balance and the presentation in the glass. 

My favourite cocktail is…any cocktail that includes Cointreau! From the Cointreau fizz variants to classics like the margarita or sidecar, you could literally have a Cointreau cocktail for every hour of the day. I think the best way to ask this question is: if tomorrow is your last day, want do you want to drink before you die? 

Which airline serves the best food? A standout for me is Singapore Airlines. The menus are developed with an International Culinary Panel which includes talented world renowned chefs such as Matt Moran and French chef Georges Blanc. The ingredients are fresh and always served with a smile. I also like the cocktail menu onboard – it makes a world of difference to your flight!

The rule I live by when I travel is… to try and meet as many people as I can from the country. I taste local fruits and vegetables, and always the local spirit. 

When I’m away from home I always crave…to stay away. I love to travel, discovering new lands, new culture and a new way to live. The only reason I come back home is because I know my wife is waiting for me!

My fool proof packing tip is…less is more. If you pack less things in your luggage when you travel, you can bring back more souvenirs!

Three things the French do better than anyone is French kiss, Cointreau and cognac. 

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