All aboard the luxury express

Belmond British Pullman

The Belmond British Pullman is a lavish time capsule. Travelling inside vintage cabins expertly refurbished and restored to their former 1920s and 30s charm, guests are treated to an experience of old world extravagance. On the itinerary are slow travel day journeys to the best destinations Britain has to offer. Departing from London, Victoria station ticket holders may be transported to the surrounding cities including Cambridge, the cathedral city Canterbury, Bath and York. Alternately journeys can be taken to historic landmarks such as Chatsworth House, the Norman Ely Cathedral and the Cotswold Villages. Day trips are accompanied by flowing champagne and a full course gourmet meal. Rates start from £250 (about A$498) per person.


Majestic Train De Luxe

Adapted from the original plans of the late 19th century Imperial saloon train, the Majestic Train De Luxe is an ode to old-world Austrian luxury. Upon boarding guests walk a red carpet and are welcomed with a glass of sparkling wine. Inside, each compartment of the six-carriage train is outfitted in ornate detail. Paintings of the royal family and the original curtains from the Empress’ balcony adorn the interiors with a bar, a cloakroom and a dance floor among the carriage features. Offering a changing yearly calendar of day trips and multi- day excursions, guests can travel to special events throughout Western Europe while being treated to violin performances, silver service, fine cuisine and Austrian wines. Prices start at 198€ (about A$306) per person.


Belmond Northern Belle

Experience the understated beauty of the English countryside from inside intricately crafted renditions of lavish 1930s rail carriages. Restored by Britain’s best muralists, mosaic artists and marquetry experts, the seven carriages of the Belmond Northern Belle each share the name of a great British castle or stately home. Accompanied by strolling musicians and fine refreshments, guests can journey to England’s renowned sporting events; enjoy a quintessentially British afternoon tea with scones and cream, or gastronomic dinners by Michelin star chefs. There are designated family carriages equipped with entertainment for the little ones and scenic day itineraries to castles, cities and events stretching as far as Edinburgh.  Rates start from £195 (about A$388) per person, with the train departing from regional stations throughout the UK.


Belmond Hiram Bingham

Journey to the ancient Incan citadel Machu Picchu and take in views of the spectacular Peruvian countryside from the insides of an opulent 1920s style Pullman-carriage train. Named after the explorer who unearthed the ruins, the Belmond Hiram Bingham offers a day round trip or one-way passage from Cusco to Machu Picchu, (or vice versa). Once on board guests are treated to a traditional three course Peruvian brunch complimented by sparkling wine and a range of beverages. Relax into the large cushioned seats and take in the scenery from the observation car, or head to the bar for a cocktail and a lesson in how to make a traditional Pisco Sour. An Andean-inspired gastronomic dinner prepared by the on-board chef is served in one of the two dining cars. Prices start from US$475 (about A$625.93) per person.


Inca Princess

Designed for high-class travellers the Inca Princess is the only chartered service to Machu Picchu. Travelling between Ollantaytambo and Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu town), the one and a half hour trip can be spent sinking into lush leather lounges and admiring the Peruvian landscape through panoramic windows. The Inca Princess can seat up to eight passengers and is Inca Rail’s most extravagant and exclusive carriage (Presidential Class). Travellers are provided with on-board service and a gourmet-tasting menu featuring the finest local produce alongside a range of the best South American wines. The Inca Princess runs on request any day of the year with rates starting at US$6,000 (about A$ 7877) one way.


Jose Cuervo Express- Tequila

The Jose Cuervo Express transports passengers to the Pueblo Mágico (magic town) of Tequila, about 60km from the city of Guadalajara in old Mexican style. Aboard the Premium Plus carriages the seats are arranged in fours, separated by a wooden panelled table at which guests are served local snacks and unlimited drinks and cocktails made with Jose Especial Cuervo tequila. As the gleaming black train passes through blue agave fields passengers are given lessons in the history and tasting etiquette for tequila, before disembarking in the town Tequila for a tour of the oldest distillery in Latin America, The Rojena Jose Cuervo and the Private Reserve Cava de Familia. The rate for the Premium Plus carriage is 2,200 pesos (about A$166) per person.





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