Aman Private Jet Wellness Journeys

Aman Private Jet Wellness Journeys

The journeys combine unique travel experience, customised wellness programs and the luxury of private jet travel.

Aman has announced two private jet wellness journeys designed for intrepid travellers who want to maintain a strong wellness focus when they travel without sacrificing on adventure.

The first journey, running from 18 September to 3 October, will take guests through Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam while following a comprehensive wellness program tailored to the requirements of each of the 16 guests, including Pilates, yoga, breathwork, footwork and body rolling. The founder of the Yamuna body rolling method, Yamuna Zake, will lead the wellness program, teaching guests how to use specially designed Yamuna balls to work the joints and muscles. The trip includes visits to Bali’s creative and traditional heartlands, a tropical private island in the Philippines and the Vietnamese coast, while staying at five luxurious Aman properties.

Alternatively, guests can choose to explore India, Sri Lanka and Thailand over 14 days while also improving their spiritual and physical wellness by practising yoga, Pilates and structural Integration. James D’Silva, founder of the Garuda Pilates Method and Eyal Chehanowski, a structural Integration (Rolfing Method) expert, will be responsible for guests’ wellness for the fortnight. The journey, which departs 1 November, will include a tiger-spotting safari in Rajasthan, a relaxing sojourn in Sri Lanka’s southern coast and a serene stay at a secluded beach in Phuket. 

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