The most incredible luxury tours to book in 2024

Vintage touring in Monte Carlo on the Four Seasons Private Jet journey.

The Luxury Travel guide to 2024’s most unique and memorable luxury tours

In a world where life moves faster each day, travellers are seeking experiences that embrace ‘slow travel’ – a movement that invites you to peel back the layers on a destination, instead of just skimming its surface. From Italy to the Himalayas and Namibia, we have curated a list of diverse and immersive journeys that blend sophistication with an intent to dive deeper in 2024.



Traversing the terroir of Piedmont

PRIOR is offering a four-day exploration of Piedmont for food and wine enthusiasts, starting on 16th October 2024. The itinerary showcases a traditional truffle hunt with skilled truffle-sniffing dogs and provides access to the White Truffle Fair in Alba, where guests will gain knowledge about all things truffle. Guests will experience Piedmont’s wine heritage, strolling through UNESCO-recognised vineyards, learning about the region’s winemaking traditions, and engaging in tastings of a few of the rarest wine labels in the area. The exploration extends to the unique celebration, Cante J’Euv, which wishes farmers and producers a prosperous harvest season. Accommodation includes a recently restored farmhouse on the ridge of Monte Aribaldo at Dai Gresy. This eleven-room property adopts a modern approach to sustainability, using natural and recycled materials.

The group journey starts on the 16th of October 2024, with rates starting from $7,850 per person for double occupancy.

The terroir of Piedmont
The terroir of Piedmont

The James Bond Assignment 

A cinematic adventure, “The Assignment” on this journey is a twelve-night expedition into the world of James Bond. A continent-spanning adventure starts in London and continues through Paris, Monaco, Lake Como and comes to an end in Venice. Black Tomato has collaborated with the film’s producers to assert a level of access and detail, embodying 007’s European lifestyle. 

Transported by a private Ranger Rover to the River Thames, guests will board the Superhawk 34 used in The World Is Not Enough (1999), sailing past iconic 007 sights and toasting the beginning of the expedition with a glass of Bollinger. The itinerary showcases an exploration of London, including film locations, a sartorial tour and a martini masterclass, followed by stunt training in London and a luxurious evening at Les Ambassadeurs

Moving to Paris, the expedition offers an exclusive visit to the Bollinger Estate, horseback riding at Chantilly and fine dining. A helicopter tour to Monaco precedes a stay at Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo, where experiences in the Côte d’Azur include a private yacht charter and a casino night. 

A drive to Lake Como in an Aston Martin leads to a historic abode stay, and activities involve a seaplane tour, water-skiing and villa visits. The final few days in Venice feature a private yacht exploration of the Venetian lagoon and an iconic dinner at Hotel Cipriani, marking the conclusion of “The Assignment” in true 007 fashion.

The Assignment starts in March 2024, with rates starting from £10,000 per person.

James Bond Lake Como Villa Del Balbiancello - Lewis J Goetz
Villa Del Balbiancello. Image Credit: Lake Como Villa Del Balbiancello - Lewis J. Goetz.

A Journey to the Palladian Villas of the Veneto

PRIOR has released its second group journey to the north-eastern region of Italy, Veneto. Guests will stay at the classic Hotel Villa Cipriani, an original villa built during the Palladian era that has had several illustrious owners and was commissioned to be transformed from a residence into a hotel in the 1960s. Located on the outskirts of one of the quaintest towns in Italy, Asolo, the area is home to some of the country’s most prominent artists and architects throughout history. 

Explorations to nearby Renaissance villas and buildings created by Andrea Palladio and the Gipsoteca di Canova, a museum showcasing the prototypes and studies of the works of sculptor Antonio Canova, are on the itinerary. Veneto is also where you will find the buildings of Brutalist architect Carlo Scarpa, who was influenced by both Italian architecture and Japanese design. 

Throughout the trip, PRIOR will bring deep local food knowledge into the events and experiences that will feature the best of the region’s dishes, from baccalà mantecato to the local zabaione cream, influenced by the proximity of Venice’s lagoon, as well as the wines like Prosecco di Asolo and Merlots produced in the area’s verdant hills.

The group journey starts on the 5th June 2024, with rates starting from $7,985 per person for double occupancy.

Alpine Ascent of Switzerland and Italy

This nineteen-day journey takes guests to the lakeside chalets and verdant pine forests of Italy and Switzerland, courtesy of Captain’s Choice and Europe’s most celebrated railways. Limited to 22 guests, this exclusive ascent begins in Zurich, Switzerland. Guests can admire the city of Lucerne for four days, immersing themselves in lakeside charm and picturesque landscapes. 

Surrounded by crystalline lakes and alpine scenery, guests then embark on the Luzern-Interlaken Express, a steam train journey to the peak of Mt Rothorn for seven days. Following a ten-day journey on the iconic GoldenPass Express to Montreux, guests explore Zermatt and St Moritz on the world’s slowest express train along the shores of Lake Geneva. Enjoying two nights amid lakeside scenery, guests then cross into Italy aboard the Bernina Express to Pontresina for 13 days. Concluding the railway journey, guests explore the lively villages and Italian hillside panoramas in Bellagio, venture across Lake Como, and witness the iconic ancient dwellings in Val Bavona before returning to Zurich.

The adventure departs on 9th June 2024 from Zurich, with rates from $32,200 AUD per person (twin share).

Portuguese Coastal Camino and Douro Valley

 An itinerary spanning 12 days and 261 kilometres, the Portuguese coastal Camino & Douro Valley is a nineteen-day Captain’s Choice journey curated for an intimate group of 18 guests. The journey starts in Lisbon, where guests can uncover the capital city’s rich history and explore its heritage for up to three days before a welcoming cruise and tapas dinner. 

The exploration then ventures inland to the rural surroundings of Tomar for up to six days, where guests will be transported from Tomar to board a twilight tour of Coimbra, the medieval university town. Arriving in Porto, guests will learn about the city’s port wine heritage and historic architecture. They’ll also experience one of the world’s oldest wine regions in Douro Valley, walking across the iconic Luis I Bridge before enjoying a leisurely lunch in a local winery. 

Concluding the trip, the Camino experience awaits travellers, introducing them to Portugal’s beautiful coastlines, and offering scenic walks and idyllic views across twelve days. Guests will be accompanied by a Captain’s Choice tour manager, tour doctor, and two local expert guides. Arriving in Santiago de Compostela, the journey comes to a close, where travellers will earn their Compostela certificate, a testament to their excursion.

The adventure departs on 1st June 2024 from Lisbon, with rates from $33,500 AUD per person (twin share).

Cappadocia in Turkey
Cappadocia in Turkey



Colours of Türkiye 

This exclusive ten-day exploration venturing across Istanbul, Çanakkale, Gallipoli, Izmir and Cappadocia in Turkey caters to an intimate group of 32 guests. Arriving in Istanbul, guests will settle into their accommodation at the Four Seasons Sultanahmet and explore historical sites, before visiting ancient wonders the following day.

The itinerary features memorable visits to Topkapi Palace and the Grand Bazaar, before travelling to Çanakkale for a winery visit and leisure time. Guests pay their respects at an Anzac Day Dawn Service on the shores of Gallipoli on day five and explore the city of Troy.

Arriving in Izmir, the immersive experiences continue with a visit to the Pergamon Ruin and Ephesus, where guests will enjoy a long lunch and another wine tasting. Flying to Cappadocia, guests will attend a Dervish Ceremony, visit Kaymakli and marvel at the landscapes of Cappadocia in a hot air balloon. They will also visit Goreme and Pasabag Valley and a pottery workshop before the journey concludes with a flight back to Istanbul.

 The adventure departs on 21st April 2024 from Istanbul, with rates from $17,900 AUD per person (twin share).



High in the Himalayas with Happy House 2024

Surrounded by pine trees and towering mountains that seem to pierce the clouds, Happy House in the Himalayas is entering its third and final year as one of PRIOR’s most sought-after expeditions. Decorated with fluttering prayer flags and allegorical Tibetan frescoes, the Happy House itinerary highlights peaceful inner contemplation and intrepid exploration. 

Guests can participate in morning meditations with saffron-robed monks at a nearby monastery and experience the unique Mani Rimdu festival – a colourful celebration marking the founding of Buddhism. The journey includes a three-day expedition to Pikey Peak, offering views of Everest and the surrounding “eight-thousanders”. Happy House, a restored and reconfigured property, features two suites, eight deluxe rooms, a large-scale living room, two fireplaces, a library, and a meditation and yoga room, as well as a spa-sauna with a massage therapist and an in-house yoga instructor.

The 10-night group journey starts on the 8th of November 2024, with rates starting from $10,975 per person for double occupancy.

Tibetan prayer flag in Nepal
Tibetan prayer flag in Nepal

Shikoku: Kochi and Ehime discovery

Leading Japanese adventure travel company, Walk Japan, has introduced its latest seven-day walking tour, the Shikoku: Kochi & Ehime Discovery. A journey where guests will explore the picturesque Kochi and Ehime Prefectures in western Shikoku. The region, known for its tranquillity and elegance, showcases pristine rivers, forested mountains and lush valleys leading to the Pacific Ocean. 

Shikoku has been considered a sacred island for over a thousand years, recognised for its 1,200-kilometer 88-temple Ohenro pilgrimage, also featured in Walk Japan’s Shikoku Temple Pilgrimage tour. The tour includes visits to the Chikurin-ji temple and a 12-kilometer mini-pilgrimage in a rustic valley. The journey explores historical mountain routes, such as one used for transporting sea salt, and the Dappan-no-Michi, retracing the daring escape of Japanese hero Sakamoto Ryoma.

Highlights of the tour include Yusuhara, a mountain town designed by renowned architect Kuma Kengo, Ozu, a charming castle town with the Garyu Sanso garden, villa, and teahouse and local culinary delights like katsuo seared bonito fish and various citrus fruits. 

Rates starting from $4,174 based on double occupancy.



Namibia and South Africa by Private Plane and Rovos Rail 

Trail the Rovos Rail and experience the vast plains of Namibia and South Africa through a 16-day Captain’s Choice wildlife exploration, limited to 40 guests. Upon arriving in Johannesburg, guests will explore the vibrant city on the first evening before boarding a chartered jet for a two-day scenic journey northward to Ondangwa. During the exploration of Etosha National Park through game drives, guests can witness giraffes, zebras, and oryx in their natural habitat. 

The itinerary features a ten-day trail ride on the Pride of Africa, allowing exploration of the expansive landscapes of Namibia and South Africa. Accompanied by local guides and the Captain’s Choice tour manager, guests conclude their evenings by indulging in cuisine in elegant dining cars, followed by retreating to luxury compartments after each day’s activities. 

A captivating flight over the Namib Desert offers breathtaking views of wildlife, while an ascent to Cape Town’s Table Mountain provides panoramic vistas of the city and its surroundings.

The adventure departs on 11th May 2024 from Johannesburg, with rates from $27,900 AUD per person (twin share).

Sossusvlei Sand Dunes in Namibia
Sossusvlei Sand Dunes in Namibia



Luxury Lodges of Southern Australia by Private Jet 

A 10-day journey, where guests will experience Australia’s landscapes and cultural treasures. Departing from Sydney, the private jet makes a brief stop in Launceston before experiencing the scenic landscape of the Freycinet Peninsula. The Saffire Freycinet becomes the exclusive retreat exclusive to guests, offering a three-night. On the second day, guests will explore a range of coastal walks with Indigenous Guide Mick Quilliam to oyster farm visits, followed by wine tastings, spa indulgences and a cruise of Wineglass Bay.

Moving to Bendigo and Daylesford on the fourth day, the journey explores the historic Central Deborah Gold Mine before settling into a three-night stay at Lake House. Day five will include a cooking masterclass or spa retreat, followed by an afternoon historical walking tour of Daylesford and a private tasting in the Cellar Room. The following day invites guests to explore the history and environment of the Central Highlands, featuring a gourmet barbecue lunch and visits to Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens and The Convent.

The journey proceeds to Kangaroo Island, where exclusive use of the Southern Ocean Lodge provides a unique vantage point for wildlife sightings and an intimate connection with nature. Day eight unfolds and includes visits to Remarkable Rocks, Admiral’s Arch, and a coastal walk. A day on Kangaroo Island offers the flexibility to revisit previous experiences or enjoy the lodge’s facilities on the second last day, before concluding the trip with the return to Sydney. 

The adventure departs on 14th September 2024 from Syndey, with rates from $30,650 AUD per person (twin share).

the harbour in Launceston
the harbour in Launceston

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