Business Class Review: Sydney to Hong Kong on Qantas

Qantas airplane

Flight Number: QF117 Airbus A330-200 | Class: Business Suite | Seat: 4E | Flight time: 9 hours 40 minutes | Reviewed by: Steve Hui

Check In

This is an overnight flight, with a 9.20pm departure, arriving into Hong Kong at 5am. At this time, Sydney airport is quiet. There was no line at the Qantas business class check-in, and the passage through immigration and security was a breeze. We enjoyed a satisfying dinner in the Qantas business lounge with plans to skip the on-board food and maximise sleep. The food and drink in the lounge were good.


The Qantas Business Suite cabin has a 1:2:1 layout giving everyone direct and comfortable access to the aisle.


I was seated in the middle row, but the configuration ensured I enjoyed plenty of space, legroom and table space. A well-designed storage area held my phone, my glasses and other bits and pieces. My seat was pre-fitted with a comfortable mattress, and a bottle of water and noise-cancelling headphones were at the ready.

The seats have an approved seat recline, which can be used from take-off right through to landing, and was much more comfortable than sitting upright. Unfortunately, the retractable- sash seatbelt required at the flight bookends cut into my shoulders a bit.

The seat is controlled via a touch-sensitive panel with multiple options including a massage function.


The service was warm and welcoming. As it was an overnight flight, the crew understood most of the passengers were keen to rest. They efficiently went about the cabin collecting menu choices and kept noise to a minimum. By the time we started taxiing, I had already set my seat to the partial-recline position and had dozed off undisturbed.


I opted for sleep over food, but did notice the menu’s special ‘sleep sooner’ selections, which are quickly served. The regular menu featured pan-fried polenta, seared barramundi, roast chicken, and braised beef. Champagne was either Duval-Leroy Brut or Jacquart Brut Mosaique, and a selection of Australian wines, beers and the regular spirits was also available.


A large range of content was available on the 16-inch touch- screen TVs. I appreciated the quick access to the route
map, which showed the time and distance remaining to our destination (this is often the most important information),
and another button that allowed screens to be easily dimmed or turned off, giving you and others the chance to sleep without a bright screen beaming near you.


This was a text-book great flight. It was on time and had no turbulence, service was efficient and friendly, and I maximised my sleep. And I had ready access to water and the restroom.


Aside from the restrictive seatbelt on take-off and landing – a minor complaint – there were none.

The Fine Print

Baggage: 40kg (23kg maximum per item). Higher allowances
for Qantas Club, Silver, Gold and Platinum members.

Loyalty Program: Qantas Frequent Flyer

WiFi: No

Pyjamas: Signature Qantas pyjamas

Amenities Kit: Stylish Qantas Curates amenity kits featuring ASPAR by Aurora skincare products

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