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Nestled in the natural bush high above the ancient waterways of the Katherine River system, Cicada Lodge is the latest tourism venture of the Jawoyn people and the ideal base from which to explore this remote and stunning region.

The Lodge is located inside Nitmiluk National Park, home to Nitmiluk (Katherine) Gorge. This deep gorge carved through ancient sandstone by the Katherine River draws thousands of visitors each year. This diverse and spectacular landscape is also a cultural landscape, where the Jawoyn people continue to live and work while sharing their culture with visitors to their country.


Size and style:

All 18 rooms of the lodge are air conditioned and feature full length louvred doors and private balconies, allowing guests the choice of opening their room to the sounds and sights of the native bush or closing them for the cool privacy of their room sanctuary. Each room has views out across the distinct sandstone country above the gorge; lush gullies full of flora inhabiting giant cracks in the gorge walls, and broad valleys meandering through both the high and the low country.


Guest profile:

Guests at Cicada Lodge are generally looking for not just a luxury hotel stay but to discover and explore more of their country, the nature of the Katherine region and the Northern Territory, and of the ancient cultures of the Indigenous people.

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A stay at Cicada Lodge is further enhanced by the opportunity to experience the ancient landscapes of the Nitmiluk National Park. Guests can fly by helicopter to remote locations to swim in their very own crystal clear waterfall; be dropped at the very top of the Gorge system and canoe down; or fly to remote rock art sites with an Indigenous guide to interpret images painted thousands of years before.

Many of the rock art sites in the region have not previously been accessible to the general public. Access to these sites is by helicopter or 4WD only and is carefully controlled by the Jawoyn people to preserve these incredible sites. Cicada Lodge guests will be able to experience these sites, some of which have been carbon dated to more than 40,000 years old and have been acknowledged as the oldest Indigenous rock art in the world.

On-site dining and drinking facilities:

Dishes served at Cicada Lodge combine traditional elements and incredible flavours from the region, including Marsdenia or ‘Bush Bananas’ and Yarr or ‘Freshwater Prawns’ which are one of the many unique and edible freshwater water crustaceans in the region.
A key element of the Cicada dining adventure is the nightly Chef’s Table which features a speciality dish of the Chef’s choice, based on the season and the freshest local produce.

On-site facilities:


Yes, valet parking







Eco and community initiatives:

Cicada Lodge is a 100% Indigenous owned property and has a strong commitment to the training and employment of the local people. Eco-accredited Indigenous guides run the Gorge cruises and tours providing commentary on the region, pulling from their knowledge of the local flora and fauna and tying it together with the ancient stories of their people to create a story of learning and discovery for each and every traveller to the region.

Concierge recommends:

There are 192 different bird species in the Park, including the Red-collared Lorikeet, Red-winged Parrot, Northern Rosella, the Red-tailed Black Cockatoo, and Blue-winged Kookaburra. In the Gorge, colonies of flying foxes are commonly seen as are freshwater crocodiles, turtles and water monitors. Bushwalkers are almost certain to encounter agile wallabies, wallaroos and the occasional dingo.

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