Creative Traveller: Charlotte Lynggaard

Grace Smith: Your designs incorporate natural elements. Are there any landscapes you’ve found particularly inspiring?

Charlotte Lynggaard: What inspires me most when designing  is nature. Scandinavian nature, especially, is a major source of inspiration – the cold crisp light in winter changing to warm and blurry on long summer days, the forest and the sea. Having all this around me when growing up has definitely had a significant impact on my love of nature. Many of the elements from nature can be found in our collections: the organic shapes and surfaces, the mix of colours, the handpicked stones.

GS: Where is your favourite place to holiday in Denmark?

CL: Last time we spent our summer holidays in Denmark we rented a little cottage in Tisvilde, an hour north of Copenhagen. Tisvilde is a charming little town that serves as a summer getaway for many as it is situated near the coast and beach. Tisvilde is known for its bohemian, artistic vibe and when we are there we park the car and bike around to visit friends, go to the local grocery store and the Saturday flea market, or to the beach. While you are there, check into the Helenekilde Badehotel. It’s a cosy hotel that offers amazing sea views, and the atmosphere is very laid back and Scandinavian.


GS: Which jewellery pieces can you not go without when you’re travelling?

CL: My ‘Snakes’ bracelet designed by my father is always on my wrist, and my ‘Leaves’ ring.

GS: What tip would you give to people visiting Copenhagen?

CL: Visit Louisiana Gallery. It’s in a beautiful building with such breathtaking nature and surroundings, fantastic exhibitions and a really good shop and café. It’s a great place to spend the day with the family.

GS: Does your jewellery style change when you’re travelling?

CL: I always bring a good selection so that I can create different looks depending on the occasion, by scaling up and down, mixing and matching and styling across collections. Sometimes I will wear ‘Nature’ rings to create the perfect, simple beach look. My big ‘Lotus’ ring with rutilated quartz is the ultimate statement piece for the evening. I wear colourful ‘Gipsy’ earrings with bohemian summer dresses or ‘Love Bands’ diamond earrings to sparkle up the night.

GS: What is your favourite Ole Lynggaard piece at the moment?

CL: It is, of course, hard to choose only one, as all my designs are equally dear to me. However, at the moment I am especially fond of the ‘Flower’ brooch. You can wear it with an evening dress as well as with a distressed t-shirt for a more relaxed, cool look.

GS: You’ve mentioned that you often draw inspiration from the people you see on your travels. What is your favourite destination for people watching?

CL: Women never cease to inspire me, regardless of the destination. Among my great, and very memorable, travel experiences are my trips to Japan. It’s been a couple of years now [since I last visited] but I always find so much inspiration – the culture, the aesthetics, the elegantly sophisticated women. It is all very fascinating. I always arrive home with my suitcase full of small Japanese bowls and decorations, and my head full of inspiration and ideas.

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