Creative Traveller: Megan Morton

How do you draw inspiration from your travels and how is it reflected in your work? 

There is never a wasted journey. I search for travel experiences near and far to ensure I don’t miss a thing. This year [2015] has been great for travel, but the most rewarding has been within Australia, Tasmania in particular, as well as rediscovering Adelaide. 

What is the most luxurious project you’ve worked on? 

In terms of monetary value, the multimillion-dollar homes we work on. But the most satisfying jobs are the budget-conscious ones where you have to work hard to make the magic. It is oh-so-rewarding! 

How often do you travel for work and what are some of the destinations?

Every four weeks I find myself away. I have Paris and Japan on my wish list – as well as any small islands or easy-to-get-to-but-undiscovered local getaways! Travel for me is never just about the destination, it’s about the preparation, anticipation and discovery of the voyage in general – and that you always return a better, more informed person.

Where do you like to shop when travelling? 

My go-to is always the local chemist for something lovely and regional, particularly in France or Italy. You will never know about the local soaps, fragrances, toothpastes or talcs until you shop where locals get their provisions. In New York, go to Economy Candy for great candy. I like BHS Hardware in Paris for electrical goods.

What are specialist regions you’ve visited for specific products for your work? For example, Cambodia is well-known for its silverware. 

India for anything and everything fabric. I have been twice and hope that these are the first trips of many, many more. The textile culture is so deeply ingrained – it is a way of life, so as a visitor you can soak up the knowledge, skills and products from this amazing place, whatever region you travel to.

Are there any luxury hotels you are drawn to that have an interesting design aesthetic?

I adore anything with distinct point of view. Jobner Bagh in Jaipur, India is a favourite as it’s like a lovely house – so lovely I got remarried there on my last trip! It’s nothing overt or super-fancy, just discreet decadence. 

Do you fly business class? 

I vary between business and economy class. As a six-foot person who likes to drink a lot of water, I hope this changes soon to almost exclusively business class or upwards!

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