David McAllister

David McAllister


Your career has taken you to some varied and interesting places – what has been a highlight for you in terms of where you’ve worked in the world?

I would have to say dancing in Moscow at the Bolshoi Theatre was a huge buzz. The first time was at a ballet competition and then as a guest in Don Quixote with the Bolshoi Ballet – an amazing audience and incredibly historic theatre.


How does travel influence or inspire you and your work?  

I think being in new places and meeting people with different backgrounds really makes you look at what you do in a different light.


Where has been your favourite or most memorable place in the world to perform?

As I mentioned, the Bolshoi was a highlight, but also dancing at the ancient Odeon of Herodes Atticus theatre in Athens was incredible. Performing in a space that people have used for thousands of years was humbling.

In your opinion, what is the ballet ‘capital’ of the world?

It would have to be Paris. This is where ballet was established as the art form we know today and the Paris Opera Ballet has been a part of our history since the beginning.


What is your favourite holiday destination and what do you do when you get there?

I would always go back to Rome. I think it is the most wonderful city to visit. I just try and blend in and eat all that wonderful Italian food. At home, I would say qualia resort on Hamilton Island. The holiday begins the minute you arrive – pure paradise.


What are your must-have items for travelling?

A fantastic book and a jar of Vegemite.


Have you got a favourite story that you’ve directed or performed?

I guess the story that has been taking over my waking hours at the moment is The Sleeping Beauty, my first opportunity to direct a full-length production. The ultimate good-versus-evil story with a beautiful princess, handsome prince and lots of fairies.

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