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Photo credit: W Hotels
Photo credit: W Hotels

W Hotels has announced a new, fun astrology guide to help travellers choose their next travel destination

For thousands of years, humans have looked to astrology to help determine their yearly outlook, choose romantic partners and even predict political and social events. Now, thanks to W Hotels you can use the study of faraway planets and stars to help guide the choice of your next travel destination.

The brand, known for its youthful, energetic and eclectic design, has announced a collaboration with Ruby Warrington, founder of cosmic lifestyle platform, The Numinous. Aimed at avid globetrotters and cosmic fans alike, the guide has been specially designed for W Hotels located in the Asian Pacific, and matches each hotel to the distinctive personality traits of each star sign, drawing on location, design and aesthetic to help playfully pair guests with travel inspiration personalised to their Zodiac sign.

“I love that W has embraced astrology, which is about so much more than reading one’s weekly or monthly horoscopes. Rather, astrology is a language that helps us to view the world through a more magical lens, and what else are we looking for when we travel?” said Warrington.

The creative team at W collaborated with the astrologer to provide in-depth tips on everything from packing a suitcase to eating out and what to see in each city, and called on the expertise of ‘W Insiders’ – the brand’s version of highly connected and in-the-know  luxury concierges found at every W hotel globally – to add a local’s insight to each location.

“We are thrilled to have collaborated with Ruby to develop this astrology guide for our guests joining us in the Asia Pacific region. The guide is fun, soulful and is sure to playfully speak to each of our guests,” said Bruce Ryde, Vice President Luxury Brands and Brand Marketing for Marriott.

Can’t stand the suspense and want to know the best destinations to travel to for your star sign? Below is a snapshot of each star sign and its matching W Hotel:


Capricorn: W Xi’an

Epic expeditions to ancient sites and monuments form the backbone of Capricorns’ travel schedules, so soak up the historical splendour in Xi’an, which is the starting point of the Silk Road and offers travellers an abundance of historical treasures.


Aquarius: W Kuala Lumpur 

A journey into outer space would be the ideal Aquarius getaway, as they thrive on journeying to the edge of the unknown, envisaging a life of endless possibilities. For a taste of the future today, W Kuala Lumpur makes a fun entry point to one of the fastest developing cities in the world.


Pisces: W Bali 

With an imagination like no other sign, Pisces move through the world with an open heart and one foot in a fantasy of their own creation. The luxuries of W Bali await.


Aries: W Taipei 

This air sign likes to be where the buzz is and thrives on constant stimulation. A city break to this modern metropolis, where high-tech living collides with easy access to natural wonders, will feed Aries’ Type A, all-or-nothing personality.


Taurus: W Guangzhou

Luxury is a must, and from lush island getaways to lavish spa breaks and epicurean adventures, Taureans seek travel experiences that satisfy all the senses. Taureans’ dedication to the cult of the catwalk is also second-to-none, and W Guangzhou is a decadent landing pad into what is recognised as one of China’s premier fashion capitals.


Gemini: W Brisbane / W Singapore 

Endlessly adaptable and with one eye always on what’s new and coming next, their up-for-anything attitude and infinite curiosity sees Geminis sampling a wide array of travel destinations. A trip to the city beach resorts of W Brisbane or W Singapore will satisfy their desire for a kaleidoscope of experiences.


Cancer: W Maldives

They crave privacy like no other sign and seek secluded spots where it feels safe to emerge from their shell. Cancerians are the most watery of water signs, so nestling into the private cabanas at the W Maldives private island resort, is a holiday match made in heaven.


Leo: W Bangkok 

Life is one long party for Leos, and they prefer to dance from one adventure to the next. W Bangkok is a jet-set gateway into a city that feeds Leos’ endless appetite for life.


Virgo: W Shanghai or W Suzhou

Virgos thrive on efficiency and while switching off fully can be a challenge, they find their own kind of relaxation in the soothing cadence of a well-oiled routine. W Shanghai and W Suzhou are the perfect bases for exploring two of the busiest cities in China.


Libra: W Koh Samui 

Forever seeking beauty, balance and harmony, Librans are drawn to travel experiences that offer the best of both worlds. A tropical hideaway that’s also a hub for Thailand’s beautiful party people, W Koh Samui will tick every one of Librans’ boxes.


Scorpio: W Hong Kong

Each new adventure is the beginning of a magical mystery tour for Scorpios, who love to slip behind the scenes and journey deep below the surface. W Hong Kong is the gateway to one of the world’s most dynamic and multi-faceted cities.


Sagittarius: W Goa

As the most adventurous sign of the zodiac, those born under Sagittarius are forever setting off for horizons unknown. W Goa is the perfect entry point to a multicultural hub where East meets West.


Ruby’s exclusive guide on the best W Hotel destination for all twelve signs of the Zodiac can be found on the hotel’s content hub, The Angle

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