Enhance Travel’s Jan Smith: “live the destination and look up”

Jan Smith, Enhance Travel
Jan Smith, Enhance Travel

Enhance Travel Adelaide Owner, Jan Smith, shares her insights on the modern luxury traveller, trends in travel, and a special Christmas trip to the mountains of Montana

Do you have a personal travel mantra or motto?

Live the destination and look up. When we travel, there’s so much wonder all around us. But we often miss everything that a location has to offer if we’re focused on the path right in front of us, and not on our surroundings. The unique architecture of historical cities like Brussels, sun-drenched balconies with beautiful locals in the Amalfi Coast, century-old baobab trees in Victoria Falls — these are the details that will create delightful memories from your travels, when you make an effort to look up.

What are the key trends you’re seeing in luxury travel right now?

Many of our clients have been revelling in bespoke private itineraries, where their stay centres around luxury boutique properties, and incorporates activities that you simply won’t find on mainstream itineraries, such as intimate wine tastings with the winemaker of a seven-generation family-owned vineyard in Italy, and helicopter transfers to private dinners on a mountain. Our clients love coming home with stories that awe their friends.

Jan Smith in Bhutan
Jan Smith in Bhutan

What is one of the most authentic travel experiences you’ve had recently?

If you’re seeking the most luxurious experience on the planet, you need to book a stay at one of Aman’s properties, in particular the luxury resort in the Kingdom of Bhutan. The country allows a limited number of guests each year, and the location is unspoiled by tourism. The resort, which is built on the side of a mountain, envelops you in pure tranquillity and absolute luxury. Food, activities, scenery, spa treatments — every detail has been considered and designed to delight. If you enjoy luxury travel, you need to stay here.

I took my daughter and sister to the Ranch at Rock Creek in Montana (USA) for Christmas. From ice fishing, horse riding and sapphire mining to indulgent spa treatments, we filled our days with the most remarkable activities. The mountainous scenery is spectacular everywhere you look, and our wood cabin was more luxurious than most hotels; the staff even had a beautifully decorated (real) Christmas tree waiting for us, in our living room, when we arrived.

What’s your definition of ‘modern luxury’?

Time. Time allows you to fully immerse yourself in an experience and country. It encourages you to discover culture at more than face value, and gives you the freedom to make connections, indulge in new experiences, and open yourself to spontaneity. Living in Australia, a short flight doesn’t take you far, so the ability to fly to remote destinations and explore hidden wonders is graciously encouraged by the freedom of time. We can create truly spectacular itineraries when time is given freely.

Enhance Travel Adelaide Owner, Jan Smith
Enhance Travel Adelaide Owner, Jan Smith

What are the key benefits for travellers in working with a bespoke luxury travel advisor such as Enhance Travel and what is your point of difference?

Communication. Our personal experiences and connections with the world’s best hotels, resorts, guides, chauffeurs, and translators enables us to create a truly memorable vacation for our clients with unique experiences, luxurious accommodation, and enchanting destinations. Our clients have peace of mind, knowing they’re looked after from the moment they book with us to the time they get home. Should they need us for any element of their trip, they can contact us 24/7 during their travels.

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