High Flyer: Singapore Airlines Business Class on SQ242

The cabin

This 777 has been recently refurbished with the new business class product and the cabin looks like it has just come off the production line. I fly in one of the older cabins on another leg of the same journey and the difference is obvious. It’s stylish and elegant, with soft mood lighting and a taupe and chocolate colour scheme. 

The Seat

The seats are laid out in a 1-2-1 format, meaning everyone has direct aisle access. I’m in a window seat, though the pod is so spacious that I have to lean right over to see out of it. The layout of the seat feels a little awkward – the footrest is off to the left so when reclining the seat you need to lie back at an angle. The seat flips over forward to form a very comfy at bed of just under two metres. The pillows and doona are particularly nice. There are plenty of storage cubbies tucked around the seat plus an in-seat power supply with USB and HDMI ports. 

The Service

Singapore is known for its service and the crew here don’t disappoint. There is a substantial delay before take off, but they manage to keep everyone happy. Throughout the flight it’s attentive yet unobtrusive, and they don’t seem to disappear once people start to sleep, as is often the case. 

The food

The airline offers a Book the Cook service for this flight, so you can choose your meal from an extensive menu up to 24 hours before your flight. But I am hopeless at deciding what I want to eat, let alone days before I’m even eating it, so I skip it. It’s an evening flight, so dinner is served shortly after take off. I have a prawn entree and an exceptionally good steak for main, followed by the cheese board. Singapore Airlines has an award-winning wine list and I start the flight with a glass (or two) of Charles Heidsieck Brut Reserve Champagne. There’s also an impressive cocktail list, including the iconic Singapore Sling.

The entertainment

The entertainment system has also had an upgrade with a huge 45-centimetre screen and thousands of options. The handset can be used as a mini touchscreen, so you can check the flight path or flick through the catalogue without interrupting your movie. 

The highs

That ‘new plane’ feel is a rarity and the refreshed cabin has to be one of the best in the air. Bring on the fleetwide upgrade.

The lows

Storms around Sydney meant we were stuck on the tarmac for almost two hours before take off. The crew kept our champagne flutes full, but it did mean a mad dash through Changi to make my connecting flight.



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