Travel to your bucket-list destinations in style with HX (Hurtigruten Expeditions)

Adventure and luxury go hand-in-hand with this world-leading expedition company

When we think of intrepid exploring, we think of off-grid adventures with only the bare necessities, pitching tents every evening and criss-crossing landscapes with heavy packs and water canisters. Very rarely do we imagine these kinds of adventures done in luxury, where we can truly immerse ourselves in a destination whilst still enjoying accommodation and dining options reminiscent of a five-star hotel.

Enter HX (Hurtigruten Expeditions), a world leading sustainable expedition company who offer luxury adventures to some of the world’s most remote locations. From the high north to the south pole, HX is in the business of making memories, with all-inclusive expeditions to bucket-list destinations.

Hurtigruten Expeditions launched the world’s first expedition cruise in 1896. Now transforming to HX, the company is the global leader in expedition cruising. Taking curious travellers to over 250 destinations in more than 30 countries worldwide, HX is committed to ensuring guests return home with a deep understanding and love of the places they explore.

Fast forward to 2024 and HX (as a division of Hurtigruten Group) maintains this spirit of adventure and unparalleled service. Their commitment to raising the bar has birthed an ethos that has seen them reimagine sea travel, not just for Norweigans, but for travellers around the globe.

An essential part of this reimagining lies in the experiential, where the journey is just as important as the destination. Unlike “traditional” expeditions, the HX offerings are built on finding a balance between luxury and adventure, with their fleet of ships akin to floating hotels. Across all six of the HX fleet, guests can enjoy exquisite dining options with on-board restaurants that reflect traditional Norwegian cuisine alongside global classics. Room styles also ensure explorers are well rested for all their intrepid adventures, with plush suites providing unparalleled comfort from which one can watch the world float by.

Luxury is not just found in the amenities, but also in the wealth of information that lies at the fingertips of all HX passengers. Each ship is staffed with its own expedition team, who embody the same quest for knowledge as the company’s forefather, but with modern-day expertise and geographical insights. These teams are only on hand to lead expeditions, activities and adventures, but also to share their wisdom with guests in the science centres that can be found on board each ship in the fleet.

This focus on science and knowledge is backed up by a commitment to sustainability which extends through all facets of the HX name. Over 130 years of traversing the seas has given the company a front row seat to the changing environment that surrounds them. As a result, they support 41 environmental, cultural and social projects in 11 different countries, including programs that help endangered orcas in the Pacific Northwest and activities that protect community storytelling for the Itquamavit elders in Canada’s frozen north.

The expeditions themselves are also being constantly being reviewed to reduce their environmental impact, they were first cruise company to ban non-essential single-use plastic, food management waste programmes in place on all ships, and plant-based meals (as an alternative option) served in all on-board restaurants. HX also has relationships to empower and strengthen the communities and locations they visit, and has recently introduced two new hybrid-powered expedition ships to their fleet, each one offering a 20% reduction in carbon emissions when compared to other cruise ships of the same size.

Promising an unforgettable experience unlike any other, HX stands ready to help even the most discerning traveller fulfil their most intrepid adventure goals. Their all-inclusive adventures are ready to take guests to some of the world’s most beautiful places, showing a side to the destinations that are rarely accessible to tourists. Our pick of the bunch is a 15 day expedition to Antarctica, a concentrated cruise that will take guests into the heart of the breathtaking continent.

Picture floating past colossal glaciers and mammoth icebergs, having a front row seat as penguins court, nest or even hatch, and joining in with the fleet’s expedition team for landings and explorations. This tour represents a truly curated approach to polar travel, where luxury, science and adventure all go hand-in-hand. HX’s Highlights of Antarctica tour includes flights, transfers, pre and post accommodation and premium onboard experiences including outstanding cuisine and beverages and wifi.

Regardless of your destination, HX offers big savings on all-inclusive expeditions including flights for a limited time only. Whether it’s an Antarctic adventure, or a journey to the far north, all passengers are promised a true HX experience, with adventure, luxury, sustainability and science part of every intrepid journey. For cruise only packages, HX is also offering up to 20% off destinations including Iceland, Greenland and Galapagos + a bonus 200 euro onboard credit for a limited time only.

Speak to an expedition specialist today and get ready to travel to the ends of the earth in style.

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