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Arashiyama region in Autumn
Arashiyama region in Autumn

With more than 17 years of experience specialising in travel to Japan, JANESCO takes you to some of the country’s most fascinating corners.

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Roam the rainforests, seek out cherry blossoms and autumn colours, eat tempura in Tokyo, marvel at otherworldly art and architecture – these are just some of the allures that bring Australian travellers back to Japan time and time again. It’s one of those countries that seduces on so many levels, from its culture and cuisine to its history and fascinating (and diverse) landscapes.

There’s so much to see and do that any trip to can become a little overwhelming. That’s where JANESCO comes in, boasting more than 17 years of experience perfecting small-group tours across the Japan. And only Japan. It’s fair to say there’s not much the travel company doesn’t know about the country, from its big cities to its hidden secrets.

All JANESCO tours are personalised and personable, escorted by a knowledgeable English-speaking guide and with varying comfort levels and tour prices, to cater to a wide range of travel styles and budgets. Here are just some of the upcoming Japan highlights JANESCO offers.

Explore Japan with the Elysium Series

If you want to take your visit to Japan to the next level – think fine dining, traditional experiences, luxurious five-star accommodation, supremely comfortable transportation – then the Elysium Series is for you. Think of this as the pinnacle of upscale travel, with every possible indulgence complemented by omotenashi, that almost intangible Japanese art of hospitality.

Visit temples and markets with an in-the-know local, wander through manicured gardens and gaze at temples, take cable cars and bliss out on cruises, all the while enjoying unforgettable meals and hotels.


Take a deep dive with the ‘Platinum 14-Day Japan Autumn & Gourmet Tour 2024’

JANESCO’s Platinum Series unites fully escorted tours with five-star accommodation and a relaxed pace – this is for discerning travellers who want to enjoy the finer luxuries Japan has to offer.

The ’14-Day Japan Autumn & Gourmet Tour 2024’ takes you along the country’s ‘Golden Route’, covering Tokyo, Mt. Fuji, Kyoto, Naoshima, Hiroshima, Osaka, Nara and Ise/Kashikojima.

Among the highlights – there are many – are exploring Tokyo’s contrasts, from neon-lit streets to serene temples; discovering the best places for viewing Mt. Fuji while navigating Hakone National Park; glimpsing Kyoto’s jaw-dropping UNESCO World Heritage-listed shrines and palaces; marvelling at traditional and modern Japanese arts and crafts; and wandering serene gardens in Japan’s ancient capital of Nara. In between there is a lot of eating, from fine dining to fish markets. Because one of the best ways to take Japan’s pulse is through its cuisine.


Immerse yourself in culture on the ‘Platinum 12-Day Art-lover’s Amble’

Japanese landscapes and culture inspire creativity – small wonder the country covets some of the finest artists and architects in the world. This 12-day guided tour offers a full immersion into this world of imagination, allowing you to experience and appreciate both enigmatic traditional Japanese art alongside the country’s cutting-edge creativity as witnessed in modern art and buildings.

Like all Platinum Series tours, this is a relaxed and luxurious experience, with five-star accommodation including a stay in a traditional Japanese ryokan (inn), replete with an onsen (hot spring baths).

Enjoy the museums and art installations on the ‘art islands’ of Naoshima and Teshima in the Inland Sea, where your accommodation is a work of art in itself. Visit bustling Tokyo to learn about its most impressive buildings, whether temples or skyscrapers. Explore historic Kyoto, famous for its gilded temples and sculpted gardens. Admire the wooden houses that line the Samurai district of Kanazawa. And delight in regional flavours, from multi-course kaiseki meals to modern fine dining.


Discover colour on the ‘15 Day Japan Autumn Dreams Tours 2024’

If you want to see Japan’s true colours, then autumn is the time to visit. From September through November, the country’s elm, maple and oak trees bestow parks and gardens with a fiery glow, changing from canary yellow to orange to lipstick red and maroon. It’s quite the spectacle.

On this immersive 15-day escorted small-group tour you’ll visit the best the country has to offer, staying in 4- and five-star accommodation (including a ryokan) and exploring at a relaxed pace.

Following Japan’s ‘Golden Route’ you’ll take in Tokyo and majestic Mt. Fuji, which turns up the natural drama during this season. As does Kyoto, where UNESCO World Heritage-listed temples and shrines sit amid some of the most jaw-dropping gardens you’ll come across.

See historic Hiroshima before wandering the traditional Samurai district of Kanazawa, where you’ll also wander through one of Japan’s most beautifully designed gardens, Kenrokuen. Stroll through Kiso Valley village Narai juku, with its well-preserved Edo period buildings, and visit two of Japan’s most famous castles, Himeji and Matsumoto. All the while there are traditional experiences you can partake in, from tea ceremonies to a dinner hosted by geisha.


JANESCO is synonymous with luxury group tours, blending elegance and cultural depth. Our carefully curated small-group tours across Japan offer exclusive accommodations, and immersive cultural experiences.  Our commitment to unparalleled service, coupled with our extensive expertise in the travel industry, underpin our dedication to delivering the ultimate experience.

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