Kristy Hinze-Clark

Model and actress Kristy Hinze-Clark 

How many holidays do you take a year and where do you always return?

We get away a few times a year. My favourite places to go are Sydney, Paris and Positano.


What do you always pack in your carry-on luggage?

Before I became a mother it was much more glamorous. Now I always have wet wipes, hand sanitiser, nappies and probably some half-eaten fruit or granola bars. I do still always travel with a nice cashmere wrap in case it gets cold.


Any tips for combatting jetlag?

I really think exercising is a great jetlag preventative, oxygenating your blood helps to battle fatigue so I try to go for a run or do some yoga when I arrive somewhere.


Where’s the most luxurious place you’ve stayed?

Le Meurice in Paris. It is one of the MOST beautiful and luxurious hotels in the world. Paris is one of my top three cities – New York and Sydney being the other two.


Congratulations to you and [husband] Jim Clark on the birth of your second daughter Harper. Do you have any special tricks or tips for travelling with young kids?

No, I don’t unfortunately but if anyone has any, please send them my way! We just do the usual – activities, movies and try to sleep as much as we can. Travel really exhausts kids.


You’re involved with the Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC) and the Oceanic Preservation Society (OPS). Can you tell me a bit about the work you do and where in the world this takes you?

I am very honoured to sit on the board of the AWC. Jim and I got involved with them some years back…we helped acquire a parcel of land in Northern Queensland called Pungalina. It is one of the most breathtaking places. What is alarming to know is that we have the highest rate of extinction in mammals in the world. It’s important to me for my children’s generation and future generations to preserve as much as we can. The AWC is at the forefront of conservation through its strategy of acquiring land and implementing land management to protect the population of large numbers of threatened species.

Jim and Louie Psihoyos (the director) founded the OPS together with the common goal of exposing the degradation of the world’s oceans through photography, both still and moving.  Along with an amazing group of people they made the movie The Cove, which won Best Documentary Film at The Oscars a few years back…OPS has another documentary coming out this year called Racing Extinction, which is about the next big extinction. Stay tuned!


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