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LASVIT- Spacey
LASVIT- Spacey

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From La Mamounia in Marrakech to the Four Seasons in Chicago, LASVIT is synonymous with the world of luxury lighting and objects.

Conflating the Czech words for love (láska) and light (svitit) to compose the name LASVIT, the Brand’s mission, since its 2007 foundation, has been to inspire the world with the beauty of Bohemian glass. Specialising in the finest glass production, the Czech-based brand of bespoke lighting quickly became associated with the most premium hotels, cruise ships and grand architecture.

Leon Jakimič, founder of LASVIT, has great respect for the glassmaking craft which has been in his family for six generations. He founded LASVIT with the vision of bringing a piece of beauty, light and the Bohemian spirit to clients worldwide. LAVIT follow the oldest traditions of handblown glassworks – Chřibská 1414 – and take pride in creating works of the highest level of craftsmanship. Each LASVIT product is made to Bohemian perfection.

Sculptural and spectacularly realised, the major installations LASVIT creates are simply extraordinary. The series of gold glass fans running the entire length of The Conrad, Seoul for example, is a culturally robust gesture of exceptional beauty. Of a more intimate nature, The Sanctuary of Light created for Alain Ducasse’s restaurant in The Morpheus Hotel, Macau, is a destination unto itself. Here, LASVIT deliver a “gastronomic sanctuary” of suspended Czech glass, where diners can enjoy a private room surrounded by light. Indeed, wherever wonder is to be found it is in these incredible installations that speak to culture, destination and the thrill of the experience.

Aspiring to share the delight of bohemian craft with the world, LASVIT believes beauty is not limited by size. The brand has created dozens of lighting and glassware collections intended for residential spaces. Retailed in Australia through Living Edge (both online and in-store), the signature hand-blown glass designs range from bespoke chandeliers to gorgeous pendants and LASVIT’s exquisite stemware.

Spacey presents an off-kilter pendant of orbs with planet-like complexity using the lithyalin process*. At the heart of the design is a desire to capture the beauty of the universe: “A sphere is the most perfect shape in the universe. I wanted to create a lighting that will push the limits of the sphere a bit further,” says the designer Lukáš Novák.

The Cipher collection posits a juxtaposition of heritage techniques and contemporary form. Its delicate hand-blown cylindrical pieces of crystal are cut with clean, clear lines. “The surface decoration was influenced by our fascination and exploration of the way in which etched patterning catches light,” say design house Yabu Pushelberg (George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg). With components joined by polished champagne-gold finished connections, Cipher’s overall linear form creates a poetic visual rhythm. Moreover, light emits only from connection points, while the sources are concealed to soften the overall effect.

LASVIT has translated the same intricacy and delicacy of their lighting designs to glassware. Living Edge offers selected collections, such as the exemplar Sommelier Set of glasses. Designed by Lars Kemper & Peter Olah: “If you understand a craft, you have the advantage. It’s all about physics. One must understand the material, and this goes double for glass. One must know its characteristics, and what one can do with it” say the designers who also collaborate with LASVIT to create the Tour de France trophies.

The company is driven with the utmost respect for tradition, while also bringing enthusiasm for cutting-edge design and innovation. Year after year pushing new creations to the limit, to see a LASVIT design is to understand the true beauty of glasswork.

*From lithos, the Greek work for stone, the process developed in Bohemia by Friedrich Egermann (1777-1864), creates an opaque marbled surface resembling semi-precious stone.

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