Lasvit brings precision craftsmanship to life

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Tradition meets cutting-edge technology in this range of exquisite pieces from the Czech Republic

Living Edge has long been recognised as a leader in the Australian design scene, with their showrooms filled with curated items that represent the very best of local and international product design. From iconic pieces to collections from emerging talent, each product is selected for both quality and aesthetics to meet the discerning tastes of architects, designers and design lovers from Australia and beyond.

It’s thus no surprise to see LASVIT as part of the Living Edge family. This Czech glassware brand blends cutting edge innovation with classic techniques, and has been featured in major design projects in London, Paris, Los Angeles, Moscow and Prague (just to name a few). Founded in 2007, LASVIT has quickly become one of the most renowned names in glassware, with a unique approach to design that permeates through their home decor and lighting, to their expansive, custom installations.

Through the Living Edge edit, designers can select from a range of home and table accessories that promise to elevate any space. A mix of classic and experimental pieces are on offer, with the selection pushing the boundaries of glassware to reflect an ethos which has the soul of handmade design with the precision of advanced technology.

This is glassware that doubles as art, where a deep understanding of the history of glassmaking combines with a love for technical expertise and an ability to collaborate with the world’s best designers to create truly exceptional work.

Crystal Rock Vase

The LASVIT approach is perhaps best encapsulated in the Crystal Rock Vase. While at first glance the vessel looks almost prehistoric in its geologic shape, a closer inspection frames it as futuristic, appearing less like a rock formation and more like Kryptonite. This is a piece that seems to be forged from myth and legend, a vase that speaks to craftsmanship and the fusion of nature and man.

Yakisugi Glasses

Designed in collaboration with the legendary Kengo Kuma, the Yakisugi Glasses are inspired by the Japanese technique of the same name, whereby wood is charred to preserve it without the need for paint or sealants. Intricately textured and organically shaped, the Yakisugi glasses are part of a wider collection with LASVIT, where nature is made tangible.

Circle series

The Circle tumblers, carafe and glasses form part of a hand crafted collection of crystal pieces. These pieces put the LASVIT intersection of tradition and inspiration on show, with each item being traditionally mouth-blown before being processed in pleated copper sheets to create the delicate linear etchings. This process results in each tumbler, carafe and glass being intimately tactile and wholly one of a kind.

Sommelier Set Red Wine Glasses

The Sommelier Set is is a collection of glasses created by Lars Kemper and Peter Olah. Part of one of the largest beverage glass collections produced by the brand, the set were launched at Maison et Objet 2018 to a global design audience. Each glass is delicately composed, with different bowl options set atop stems that seem almost fluid in their form.

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