Lupe Puerta

Who is your style icon? 

There isn’t just one; I admire so many women’s styles. Miranda Kerr always looks amazing. I love Jess Hart for her cool off-duty vibe and Nicole Richie for the ultimate lesson in boho style. I also look to her for inspiration on how to use accessories; she’s the queen of the printed head scarf and oversized retro sunnies.

If you could shop for one day in any city where would it be? 

New York. I love the boutiques and I love nothing more than walking around the vintage flea markets in Soho and the Lower East Side.

What never goes out of style?

A white tailored shirt

What is your personal style signature?

I’m drawn towards classic and elegant pieces, which I mix up with a bold shoe or statement jewellery. 

What do you wear when you fly? 

I like to pair my casual boyfriend jeans with a comfortable sweatshirt and signature biker jacket. A cashmere scarf and socks are necessities!

What is an indulgence that you would never forego?

Shoes! You can never have enough. They transform any outfit – no matter what you’re wearing. If you’ve got fabulous heels, you will feel and look great!

What were you wearing at Audi Hamilton Island Race Week? 

I channelled modern tailoring with an oversized blazer with loose-fit pants and a smart blouse. 

How do you think Australian style is influenced by the beach culture and islands like Hamilton? 

Beach culture allows Australian women to interpret runway pieces in a more relaxed and unique way – they always manage to make things look effortless and cool. You only have to look at the amazing local designers on offer to realise why their style is so great.

How has online shopping changed the world of designer fashion?

Online shopping has given designers the opportunity for global exposure. In return, we’ve been able to understand customers’ needs and expectations better.

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