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Create your dream escape to one of the most incredible places on Earth

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The continent of Africa draws travellers to its shores with promises of truly unique experiences. They come to make memories against a backdrop of some of the world’s most astonishing landscapes, to see apex predators in the wild and experience the rich cultures that make up one of the largest and most populated places on earth.

But with so much land to cover and so many things to see, it’s difficult to know where to begin when planning your trip. Do you opt for the mountains and grasslands of the east, or the lagoons and sand dunes in the south? Do you start your trip in South Africa’s rich metropolis’ or detour to the tropical islands dotted around the continent’s coast?

Enter Abercrombie & Kent (A&K), a bespoke travel brand that specialises in curated luxury getaways. While A&K operates the world over, Abercrombie & Kent was born on the plains of Africa in 1962. Growing up in the foothills of Kenya’s Aberdare Mountains, the Kent family created A&K to share the magic of Africa with the world, and have pioneered the luxury photographic safaris that many of us have on our travel bucket lists.

Counting royals and celebrities amongst their clientele, A&K have built a global reputation on their ability to combine access, knowledge and luxury into a truly tailor-made experience. Their team of “Journey Designers” bring decades of industry knowledge and deep local insights to help create custom itineraries down to the very last detail. With 10 permanent, full-time offices across Africa, they offer guests the most desirable rooms, the best game-viewing locations, access to exclusive tours and safaris with the best guides in the region, and unmatched service at every stage of the journey.

Find inspiration from A&K’s Ready-To-Travel suggested journeys and then customise and tweak the itineraries based on your own dream escape. Helicopter over herds of wildlife in Botswana, canoe past hippopotamus in Zimbabwe, track endangered black Rhino in Namibia, or sleep beneath the stars in Zambia – no two A&K holidays are the same but each will offer exclusive experiences which will create memories to last a lifetime.

Wherever in Africa you choose to venture to, make your journey unique and stress-free with Abercrombe & Kent. Named “Africa’s leading luxury tour operator” for nine consecutive years, experience the wonders of this magnificent continent with a tailor-made escape unlike anything else.

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