More is more: Tom Dixon embraces creative abundance of choice

Tom Dixon

With a bold range of new genres, fresh forms and reinvented icons, Tom Dixon’s latest collection redefines the notion of CHOICE as an extraordinary creative opportunity.

For decades, British designer Tom Dixon has been synonymous with a distinctive and inherently innovative approach to British design. As the founder and creative force behind his eponymous luxury brand, this design maverick burst onto the UK scene in the mid-1980s — and his bold and eclectic sensibility as the Creative Director propelled the brand to international acclaim in the years that followed.

Tom Dixon’s latest collection is a culmination of the designer’s extravagant yet rigorous design practice. Cleverly curated as a comprehensive selection of extraordinary and versatile objects, the range resolutely embraces the creative potential of choice. From reimagined icons to entirely new forms, the newly released lighting solutions as well as textiles employ a generous language of abundance which equips design enthusiasts with an extensive and intricate palette of possibility.

“This year we want MORE,” Tom enthuses. “More colour, more variations, more unexpected combinations in floor lamps and chandeliers, tabletops and textiles to give our design aficionados a deeper, wider palette of opportunity to help build perfect interiors. More flexibility in where we can illuminate and how we design. The essential skill in the construction of special spaces requires judicious choices. So, we worked and worked to open up the collection to this unexpectedly vast series of possibilities.”

Boundless in its creative potential, the collection was first unveiled during this year’s Milan Design Week. Tom Dixon’s range was revealed at Euroluce — the world’s most distinguished lighting show at the heart of the biggest and most important design event: Salone del Mobile. The launch marked the brand’s first appearance in that particular space, augmenting the sense of newness brought in by some of Tom Dixon’s most striking designs.

Cone: The triumph of simple geometries

Designed to complement a multitude of Tom Dixon’s iconic polycarbonate lamp shades — like MELT and MIRROR BALL — the new metal floor lamp pedestal epitomises the beauty of restraint.

Utterly minimalist in its sculptural expression, Tom views the versatile CONE as the pinnacle of the brand’s endeavours to create an optimal lamp base.

“There is a reason that we keep coming back to simple geometries — these basic shapes feel right because they are the most reduced possibility for a given job, and this is particularly evident with our new series of conical lamp bases CONE,” he explains.

Portables: Illumination on the go

Tom Dixon not only introduced new designs in the lighting category, it launched a whole new category, too. Meet the PORTABLES: a collection of three lights inspired by the iconic MELT, STONE and BELL. These petite lighting fixtures are a response to the defining characteristic of our rapidly changing world: mobility. “The way we live, work and play is dominated by an increased need for portability and flexibility,” he says. “No longer do we want to be tethered to a fixed desk or power outlet, so increasingly we want our light to move with us.”

Rechargeable and suitable for indoor and outdoor use, these expressive lights come in a selection of finishes and sizes, showcasing the contemporary profile of this new category and the versatile character of the overall collection.

Fat and wingback: Iconic designs reimagined

While the collection certainly puts illumination firmly in the spotlight, Tom Dixon also introduced flexibility where furniture is concerned. The brand’s signature chairs, FAT and WINGBACK, now come in an astonishing range of 265 different colours and textures. The new upholstery options span everything from vibrant, piece-dyed wool to sumptuous stretch velvet, and form part of six new collections from Kvadrat, a globally renowned manufacturer of premium textiles.

All these new and reimagined objects are available in a generous selection of colours, finishes and sizes, offering design connoisseurs a unique opportunity to infuse Tom Dixon’s extraordinary point of view into any interior.

The Tom Dixon London experience: A quintessential design destination

Tom Dixon is considered to be one of the most illustrious British designers of all times, and his creations certainly rival some of London’s most iconic landmarks. And so, as the London Design Festival takes hold in the English capital between 16-24 September, every design aficionado should put Tom Dixon’s showroom on their itinerary. Situated in the extraordinary Kings Cross studio, this multidisciplinary platform for design innovation combines a workshop, a shop, and an office — and is a design destination in its own right.

The Portables collection is available to order now exclusively through Living Edge.

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