New luxury in Tasmania

Sustainable Development at Freycinet Lodge

Design by Liminal Architecture

Work has begun on the expansion of award-winning Freycinet Lodge in Tasmania. To make way for nine additional waterfront pods made of curved glass and natural timbers, the existing waterfront cabins will be dismantled by hand and the materials reused on site. In order to have minimal environmental impact the pods will be constructed off site; the elements will then be brought to the property where they will be fitted to the landscape. The renovation will also see the addition of six new pavilions and a lift with an accessible suite in the main lodge building.

More from MONA

Hobart’s resident entrepreneur, and the man behind MONA, David Walsh has released plans for his new luxury waterfront hotel, HoMo. Elevated above the Derwent River, the five-star hotel will feature 172 rooms, a spa, a library, indoor theatre facilities, and a concert stage and lawn area. Keeping an affiliation with the arts, a number of special experience rooms will be developed with a selection of internationally renowned artists. The plans for HoMo are currently awaiting council approval. 

Dramatic design

A new A$90 million luxury clifftop resort on the plateau of Table Cape in the northwest of Tasmania has just received council approval. Designed by Sydney-based architects Silvester Fuller and landscape architects ASPECT Studios, the building will fuse structure and landscape, with the sustainable and contemporary design featuring rectangular boxes that emerge from the hillside. Construction is slated to begin in 2019.

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