Nicola Cerrone

How important is travel to your design process and why?

To travel opens your mind to new ideas. When you see new and beautiful things whether it is architecture, nature, art and even people, designs come alive. I am flying to Rome later in the year for this reason.  

You were born in Lanciano, a small city on the east coast of Italy. What about the Italian way of life has helped shape your design philosophy?

I was born on a farm in Lanciano and our world revolved around nature.  So, today I always bring business and ethics as well as design back to that, back to the simplicity of life and to the basics. When you work with this philosophy everything else is very easy.

In your opinion, what city is the fashion capital of the world?

Milan, without a doubt. There is an air about that city like no other.

Where in the world do you feel most at home?

At our country retreat in Bowral, NSW. I find the ultimate sense of peace and tranquillity there and often host my big family there, which I love.

Barbara Streisand, Claudia Schiffer and Celine Dion are just three of the big names who have worn your designs. Who would you love to see wearing one of your pieces? 

The Duchess of Cambridge. A true lady, elegant and refined. Just like our jewellery.

Gifting jewellery often signifies a special moment. What are some of your favourite moments that you have shared with a client?

Every day clients walk in wanting to signify a special moment in their lives with a piece of jewellery. We work in a very emotional industry, which is a beautiful thing. We are with them and walking with them through their lives.  


What never goes out of style?

Jewellery goes through trends however exquisite diamonds will always remain and never lose their worth.

Cerrone has recently opened its fourth store, at Sydney International Airport, and is looking to expand into international boutiques. For more information visit

Jewellery by Nicole Cerrone

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