6 Reasons to Visit Botswana in the Green Season

Botswana, Africa

In response to holidayers’ calls for unique safari experiences, Jenman Safaris shares their top six reasons to visit Botswana during the green season

A time of heavy rainfall that transforms the arid landscape, the period between late October and April in Botswana is generally avoided and considered low season for safari tours. However, this is the time when new life is breathed into the desert plains, and there are far fewer crowds to contend with, just for a start. Jenman Safaris shares its top six reasons to visit Botswana during the low season.

Less Crowds

With less people visiting during the green season, visitors will benefit from the luxury of space and the opportunity to soak up the landscape and quiet surrounds during their stays.

Botswana Untouched Safaris with Jenman Safaris
Botswana Untouched Safaris with Jenman Safaris

More for Less

Given the off-season, travellers can take advantage of significantly reduced rates for the many safari packages available and also stay longer for less. This allows for slow and relaxed travel where travellers can enjoy an immersive experience.

Better Wildlife Sightings

With less safari jeeps about and therefore less noise, visitors will enjoy the full benefit of the vast space and tranquillity during their game viewing excursions. They will also be able to spend more time at a particular location to spot and observe wildlife, including bird migrations, animal births and even some bitter-sweet predator action.

Elephant Family, Jenman Safaris
Elephant Family, Jenman Safaris

Birthing Season

The green season in Botswana is the best time to witness animal births. Examples of births and young animals visitors to Botswana in the low season might witness include baby bucks, giraffes and hippos.

Buck Mother and Youth, Jenman Safaris
Buck Mother and Youth, Jenman Safaris

Zebra Migration

Few people know about the zebra migration. The zebra migration in Botswana is the longest land animal migration in the world, where the herds travel from the north inland towards the Kalahari Desert in search of greener pastures (before heading back during the dry months).

Zebra Migration in Okavango, Botswana, Jenman Safaris
Zebra Migration in Okavango, Botswana, Jenman Safaris

Perfect Light

The verdant landscape and pops of colour from desert flowers set against the skies make for incredible photography. The cleaner and less dusty air also allows for better capture of the scenery’s rich and intense colours.

Jenman offers a range of Botswana packages during the green season with the 11-Day Botswana Lodge Explorer13-Day Botswana Untouched Lodge Safari and 15-day Botswana Wildlife Breakaway being the top sellers.

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