Snow business: QT Falls Creek

When the innovative hotel brand QT arrived on the Gold Coast in 2011, you wondered why no-one had noticed the massive hole in the market for designer boutique hotels before. Amalgamated Holdings (QT’s parent company) managing director David Seargeant had. It was his inspiration that saw QT hit this niche so perfectly.

The brand has since been welcomed as a vibrant newcomer in markets as far afield as Port Douglas, Sydney, Canberra and the alpine ski town of Falls Creek in Victoria. It is soon to be joined by sister properties in Bondi in Sydney, Melbourne; and Wellington and Queenstown in New Zealand.

QT Falls Creek has an exceptional location at the base of the resort’s main access lift, enabling the all-important ski-in/ski-out amenity not readily available on Australian ski fields. The formerly Rydges property has had a QT overlay and the rooms, while not overly spacious, include outside spas and serviceable kitchenettes.

The hotel’s Bazaar food marketplace with its retro chic interiors and energetic, youthful, hip and happy staff make it a destination and an experience – not just a bed for the night. The challenge for such endeavours in the Australian market remains labour, consistency and cost. The further away from a city location, the more challenging managing this trifecta becomes. At Falls Creek, this includes mobilising a transient workforce.

QT Falls Creek has much to recommend it and, with continued attention from Seargeant’s go-to man Jordan Rodgers who, in addition to his day job as general manager at Kosciuszko Thredbo, doubles as general manager QT Hotels & Resorts – it should mature into a match for other properties in the portfolio.

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